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Vilsack Pledges $26.2m To Fight Swine Virus Epidemic

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Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack is fighting against a deadly pig disease.

During a visit to the World Pork Expo On Thursday he announced the federal government would spend $26.2-million to combat porcine epidemic diarrhea virus.

He says the government will make producers tell them when they get hit with PEDv and the government will develop a plan to respond.

The disease kills about eight million pigs a year.

PEDv does not pose a risk to humans. It only affects pigs and is not a food safety concern.


  • Finding Vilsack

    Raised a Democrat, on an Iowa family farm settled before the Civil War. It’s incomprehensible how leftist extremists hijacked and kidnapped the Democratic Party, and rode us into the ditch. We need a Truman to bring us donkeys back onto the road. Finally, Vilsack crawls out from beneath the rock where he’s been hiding and hoping nobody finds out he’s the lunch money bully for Obama’s dingbat wife. For Pete’s sake, he’s our former Governor, and we never hear about this guy. He’s laying low and making no show, bec he’s steering to get on the boards of ag-giants like ADM, after Obama is impeached.

  • Central Iowa Man

    Who is funding this adventure? China? Last I knew the USA was trillions of dollars inxdebt.

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