TWO ARRESTED: 100+mph Police Chase Ends In Warren Co.

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Des Moines police are investigating an overnight high-speed chase.

Police tried to pull a car over with no license plates on just before 10:30 Wednesday night but the car took off.

The chase led police southbound on Highway 28 into Warren County.

Police say speeds reached over 100 miles per hour.

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene and used stop stick to deflate the suspect’s car tires on Highway 92.

The car then went into a ditch and two people were taken into custody.

Their names and charges have not been released.


  • jon doe

    i seen three cops trying to catch up doing 80mph+ on park ave. a car going the other way was dumb enough to stop right next to me. i was already stopped because i seen them coming. making me think quickly pulling forward to give the cop more room because he didn’t think that car would stop there. almost causing accident. he carried on pressing on the gas harder.

    thank you for almost killing me and everyone you hauled ass around coming up over those hills. risking the publics life over what started as no license plates? i understand if maybe you have a tip this man is dangerous in someway. but thats b.s.

  • S. Sullivan

    ” I seen three cops”. “I seen them coming”. Your grammar is atrocious. And it’s the police who are stupid? I think not.

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