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Newlyweds Killed After Hitting Each Other in Head-On Crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Linda Stewart/Times Record News

WITCHITA FALLS, Texas – A newly married wife and her husband were killed in a tragic crash near Witchita Falls, Texas when the couple collided head-on in separate vehicles, reports KETK.

According to Department of Public Safety Trooper Jymie Ha, on Wednesday around 9:55 a.m., Kristina Muniz, 26, was driving a car north on County Road 87, an unlined road, and crashed into a truck driven by her husband, Nicolas Cruz, 31, at the crest of a hill.

At 10:19 a.m., Justice of the Peace Gene Morton pronounced the Chillicothe, Texas, couple dead at the scene.

Authorities believed speed and the layout of the road could be contributing factors of the crash, but the investigation is ongoing.

Trooper Ha said the couple was recently married, and both worked at the nearby Mahard Egg Farm in Prosper.

Prosper is located about 60 miles northwest of Wichita Falls.


  • Sue

    looking at the cars, I would say speed definitely played into it. Unlined gravel road I’m sure the speed limit isn’t 70.
    How heartbreaking for their families.

  • Lisa

    We don’t have gravel roads in the country here. They are paved but narrow and without any shoulders or center line markings.

    • Sue

      Oh, sorry, I did not realize that. In Iowa your rural roads like this looks to be are generally gravel.

  • Wilma McWhirter

    Dan you are a sick person . How would you feel if that was perhaps your child ,sister .

    • Dan Mc

      I lack a child, a sister, and, most importantly, compassion. You nailed it, Wilma, I am a very sick individual and a lonely old troll. Tell Fred I said hi.

  • Gene

    The troopers in another said speed, road conditions, and the crest of a hill may have a factor. What crest of a hill? That part of Texas is as flat as a pancake.

  • Dan Mc

    In another report their were no skid marks so this collision was either deliberate and/or occured at the last moment before one of them could react to try and avoid it. The real question is which one caused it.

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