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Foreign Negotiations to Affect Pork Prices

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DES MOINES, Iowa - Iowa leads the nation in production and exportation, however the National Pork Producers Council fear the industry is at risk for losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to its largest importer, Japan.

According to the NPP, Japan is refusing to comply with the United States free-trade agreement which eliminates taxes on exports and allows access to the countries products. Japan wants to deny US access and use the tax as protection in their pork market.

NPP Vice President, Nick Giordano, states “Right now we’re at an impasse with Japan. They simply don’t want to open their market just as past US FTA partners have. That’s a big problem for pork producers and other in US agriculture.”

Last year, Iowa contributed the most of the 27 – percent of exported pork to japan. Pork prices in the state continue to stay at an all-time and could continue to rise based on negotiations and other countries demand for the product.