Supreme Court Moves Governor Lawsuit Forward

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DES MOINES, Iowa – The Iowa Supreme Court has sent a civil rights and defamation case against Governor Branstad and other state officials back to the lower courts.

The court ruled Friday that a judge should decide whether Branstad, Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds and four aides can be sued by Chris Godfrey.

Godfrey was appointed as the Workers Compensation Commissioner in 2006. His term expires next year but Governor Branstad asked him to resign in December, 2010.

When Godfrey refused, the governor cut his $112,068 salary by about a third.

The higher court says a judge or jury should make a decision on whether the governor and the other state officials acted within their capacity.

Read the opinion here.


  • zn0rseman

    How is a salary cut considered a civil rights or defamation issue?

    It happens in the private sector all of the time.

  • John

    There is nothing ethical about this governor. Look back to the state trooper incident where the governor’s SUV was recklessly speeding but the trooper was fired for investigating. Or state money being used to pay “hush money” to keep quiet about improper state employee terminations. Simply disgraceful.

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