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Pride Fest Celebrates Same-Sex Milestone, Still Work to be Done

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DES MOINES, Iowa - Iowa same - sex marriage supporters had one more reason to celebrate this weekend. On Friday, a federal judge struck down Wisconsin’s ban on gay marriage, making it the 20th state to legalize gay marriage.

At the annual Pride Fest celebration in the East Village, event president, Jesse Driscoll, thinks more states will continue to follow in legalized states footsteps.

“Being one of the first states, the first state in the Midwest to legalize same - sex marriage, it was a big triumph for Iowa. I think it really does set the tone for other states.”

The nation’s decision on same - sex marriage is nearly split in half. Most recently, Wisconsin and Illinois have been added to the list of 20 legalized states. 30 states still have yet to legalize.

Polls show 40 - percent of the nation opposes same - sex marriage and would rather voters determine the definition of marriage.

While many support same sex marriage, supporters say there is still more work to be done.

“Currently in 29 states you can still be fired for being gay. In some 30 states, you can still be fired for you gender identity as well. So while marriage is getting there we gotta keep that fight up,” says Ella Daft.

10 – thousand people attended the two day event.


  • Sue

    I don’t have a problem with homosexual per se. My problem is transgender. I want to use whatever locker room I feel more comfortable in. Even though I have a p*nis, I want to play on the girls basketball team. NO, NO, No, NO, NO!!!! Less than 2% of the population admits to being transgender according to the (few) reports I could find on it. So…why are we making the other 98% of the people uncomfortable and putting them into unfair situations. My daughter should not have to compete with boys to be on the girls basketball team. Don’t believe it is happening, it is law in California. If a little girl wants to use the boys locker room, we have to let her, and vice versa. When does the majority get to stop bending over backwards to make a view in the extreme minority happy?

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