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Fort Dodge’s Crosstown Connector Project Rebooted

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FORT DODGE, Iowa — Fort Dodge city leaders are moving forward with some changes.

The crosstown connector is back on after being put on hold due to changes in the Fort Dodge city council.

“The crosstown connector is a project linking our Carl King Bridge coming off of 169 through our downtown and out to the east region shopping area,” says Mayor Matt Bemrich.

The plan calls for some buildings to be removed and to re-align the road through downtown. The downtown will be smaller after retail businesses move to the east side of town.

Phase one of the project costs $5.5 million.

It will open new opportunities for new development, including a new rec center.

Mayor Bemrich says they hope for a variety of new development along the road.

β€œAn opportunity to put their insurance office or possibly put additional banking opportunities, service centers maybe call centers then of course retail…and housing as well,” says Bemrich.

The city has already worked on retail space near the mall on the east part of town to remove some old buildings to make room for new restaurants motels and more.

Much of the growth is driven by new bioplants opening northwest of town.

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  • aightball

    Ah yes, the road only the council wants. The citizens spoke pretty loudly when we voted in people opposed to the cross town connector. Oh wait, Fort Dodge doesn’t care what it’s citizens think…they just do what ever the hell they want. Thanks, city.

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