Governor Won’t Change ‘Do Not Hire’ List

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DES MOINES, Iowa–Iowa Governor Terry Branstad said Monday he plans no changes in the state’s so-called “Do Not Hire” list. The list contained names of nearly 1,000 former state workers who had quit or been fired for various reasons. The list served as a guideline for state department managers to know not to rehire those workers.

The Branstad administration changed the rules regarding how former workers find out about their inclusion on the list. Previous policy, according Department of Administrative Services spokesman Caleb Hunter, was to notify people when they were put on the list.

Hunter said a 2009 administrative law judge decision called into question that practice. So he said the policy changed so that people only find out they are on the list when they applied for a different state job.

Governor Branstad said the list should be unnecessary. He wanted lawmakers to change the law so former employees’ personnel files would be made public. Senate Democrats fought the plan during the past legislative session, citing privacy concerns.

Branstad said, “I think if that information is public knowledge, there is no need for those kind of lists because the future employers can have the information, make judgment for themselves.”

The D.A.S. provided Channel 13 a copy of the letter sent to former workers that notifies them they are on the Do Not Hire list.


  • The Phantom

    The list is there to make sure bad employees are not rehired by other departments. There should be oversight to ensure the list is not abused but if you look at any company there is either a formal or informal list of who a company will and will not hire. Lets say I am a general contractor and the person I have do the plumbing does a horrible job I am not going to bring that person back for the next job I have. The only difference is that this involves state workers who still have that sense of entitlement.

  • tom

    Governor Branstad, should be add to the “Do not hire List” as will, so that sound be 1,001. not 1,000.

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