Council Votes to Return Hubbell Avenue Traffic Pattern

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DES MOINES, Iowa — The Des Moines city council voted unanimously to return the traffic pattern on Hubbell Avenue to four lanes.

Last year, the city restriped the lanes into three on a one-year trial basis.

Traffic engineers said would calm traffic and cut down on collisions. But a new report shows crashes increased for the first three months.

The project will cost $15,000.



  • Mike Cee

    Imagine-traffic accidents increased after they made the change. The incompetence of the Des Moines City Council never fails to shine through.

    • joe

      Who in their right mind wants to ride a bicycle up or down that hill ? I drive on that road everyday and have seen 1 bike since the day it was re-striped . If You need to get down Hubbell that bad , take the sidewalk and at least have a curb between You and traffic .

  • Laconic Flash

    Accidents have increased due to the fact that there are so many self-absorbed, unaware, distracted people behind the wheel that continue to this day to go straight on Hubbell across Easton even though they are in the turning lane. It isn’t so much the city council that is incompetent as it is the citizenry and it’s poor driving abilities.

  • The Phantom

    It is only money and the city can make up as many illegal taxes as they want to pay for it. Quit trying to make room for bicycles on our streets.

  • Lisa Jones

    I drive Hubbell quite often and I have never seen 1 biker in the last year. I have, however, almost been in an accident where the lanes end, and witnessed cars almost getting in accidents. Put it back the way it was. Most bicyclists use car lanes even if they have their own lane. I have witnessed that on Ingersoll. Which by the way, since they have put those lanes in on Ingersoll, traffic is a nightmare, and bikers don’t use the lanes, they use the vehicle lanes!

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