13Raw: Rear-End Crash Injures Huxley Police Officer

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STORY COUNTY, Iowa -- A Huxley police officer is off duty after he was injured when his squad car was rear-ended over the weekend.

The Iowa State Patrol said Officer Nick Swanson was responding to a report of cattle on Interstate 35 Sunday evening when it happened.

Swanson was on the 315th Street overpass driving slowly, with his emergency lights on, when a Nevada woman rammed into his police cruiser from behind.

Paramedics took Swanson to the hospital with minor injuries and he was released later that night.

The other driver, Kasi Stahl, 38, was taken to the Story County Jail and is charged with OWI.

The accident remains under investigation by the Iowa State Patrol.


  • Trevor

    I agree with you Mike. People who get behind the wheel drunk and scumbags. They need to be much tougher laws for drunk drivers in place. First time in prison for 10 years. Second life without parole and put all of the scum on a deserted island with starving sharks all around them.

  • James W

    If the officer wasnt driving so slow this would have never happend. Maybe they should ticket him for going under the speed limit. There are few scum lower than people who drive too slow on a overpass. haha. Cheers.

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