STORMY SUNDAY: Three Tornadoes Confirmed

Tornado over Lake Panorama taken by Gary J. Babcock

Tornado over Lake Panorama taken by Gary J. Babcock

The National Weather Service has found evidence of three tornadoes in central Iowa from Sunday night’s storms.

The largest of the tornadoes destroyed several condos as it tracked over 25 miles from near Guthrie Center to Yale at wind speeds of about 120 miles per hour. At its peak over Lake Panorama it reached a low EF-2 intensity.

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A second tornado also trailed over Lake Panorama dispelling the myth that tornadoes don’t form over bodies of water. This EF-1 tornado is thought to have been about 120 yards wide and lasted for a mile before dissipating into straight line winds, according to the report. It too caused extensive damage to trees, roofs and docks.

NWS Iowa tornadoesA third tornado also touched ground during the same line of storms Sunday night. This one hit rural Dallas County north of Dallas Center. This EF-0 tornado reached wind speeds of 85 mph and lasted for almost 6 miles causing damage to farm buildings. It stopped short of Hwy 141 northwest of Granger.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured or killed in the tornadoes.


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