Branstad, Hatch Announce Gubernatorial Debate Dates


  • gimmieabreak

    Go Hatch !
    you’re up against the gullible people of Iowa and the pathological lying dictatorship of Branstad.
    Promise a 20% ethanol mix (to hell with the needy)
    free cell phones (works every time)
    400,000 new Iowa jobs (iowa will believe anything)
    and don’t forget to mention the Gov’s OWI murder via vehicle alcoholic son.
    (I just wanna see Terry’s shaking go full speed)

    • Right Wing Patriot

      That rant makes no logical sense. Good try though. Bottom line – Hatch has a 5% chance of winning.

  • keepitreal

    Hatch’s chances of winning are about as good as the proverbial snowball in hell.
    You give money to Hatch’s campaign you might as well burn it in a fireplace.
    Same return.

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