AGRIBUSINESS: 2012 Level Rain Without The Drought, Says State Climatologist

Compared to last year, State Climatologist Harry Hillaker says April and May in 2013 set records for precipitation, but this year, he says that's not the case.

"This year is still probably dryer than we were a year ago by quite a ways. But yet not too bad of a shape for the most part, we've had pretty mild temperatures this spring." He says, "And rainfall-wise, oddly enough, we're not much different than we were the first five and half months or so of 2012 but temperature wise we're way, way cooler. And so not nearly having as many issues of lack of moisture we had two years ago at this time."

Beyond the cooler temperatures, Hillaker says heavy rains to the south and west of Iowa are forming a sort of buffer between the drought in southern parts of the U.S.

"You know, if drought were to develop, this is the time it does it." He says, "And they have all that moisture between us and the severe drought that's been going on in the southern plains for some time now. So that's good to have I guess for us and should slow down any drought development coming our way for a while."

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