ISU’s Bubu Palo Transferring to Colorado State

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AMES, Iowa — Iowa State Cyclone basketball player Bubu Palo is planning to transfer.

The Ames Tribune is reporting Palo will seek a waiver from the NCAA to transfer to Colorado State.  The newspaper reports it received a text message from Palo Wednesday night.

Back in 2012, Palo was charged was with sexual abuse and kicked off the Iowa State basketball team. The charges were eventually dropped and he was allowed to re-join the team, but he never played again.

Palo did graduate from Iowa State in May. He would need a waiver from the NCAA to be eligible to play for a sixth year.

The head coach of Colorado State is familiar to Cyclone fans. Larry Eustachy was the head coach at Iowa State from 1998 to 2003.


  • Mike Cee

    Imagine-Larry Eustachy, who couldn’t keep his morals in check will now be in charge of another player who can’t keep his morals in check. The circle of college sports continues.

  • do ur job

    I think he should be able to move on. The case was dropped and the last I knew he was countersuing, but yet by the public’s remarks, he is still guilty. Hopefully, Bubu will keep it in his drawers or have his lawyers draw up a hook up agreement so she cant sue when she figures out that she really isn’t his girlfriend.

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