Puppy Breeder Going Out of Business after Bad Press

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jewells jewel

JEWELL, Iowa – A notorious Iowa dog breeding facility, labeled one of the worst in the country by one animal rights group, is closing down.

Julie’s Jewels in Jewell made the top of the Humane Society of the United States’ list of the worst puppy mills in the country. Now, the puppy mill is closing down. Over the years, the Animal Rescue League has logged countless complaints against the puppy mill.

“Many dogs have suffered at her hands.” says Mary LaHay of Iowa Friends of Companion Animals, “Many customers have ended up with horrendous vet expenses from sick dogs purchased from her.”

We were not able to get a hold of Julie Arents, the owner of Julie’s Jewels. But  a flyer is advertising an auction of more than 220 of her dogs. She cites health problems for the reason she is closing shop.

“In 2010, the USDA inspectors gave me a heart attack. Since then, my health has continued to get worse,” the flier read. Arents lost her USDA license after she reportedly tried to run an inspector off the road.

Iowa Friends of Companion Animals says poorly written Iowa laws allow puppy mill operators to do business here. They add it’s a booming business with about 230 puppy mills in the state breeding about 13,000 dogs.


  • Christine

    At least we got the terminology right this time, ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUP named them one of the worst in the country. Just in case you thought H$U$ is for animal welfare! But isn’t it always the worst and at the top of the list of the worst? I wonder who will take that top spot next? Stay tuned for the next drama. While there is no doubt in my mind this ‘kennel’ is not one I would want one of my dogs to inhabit there are plenty of pet owners who are ‘casual’ about their RESPONSIBILITIES to a pet they accepted without coercion from anyone. Numbers are of course news makers. 2 pets in horrid conditions are not news, 200 is because it fits someone’s agenda. WE NEED MORE LAWS — NOT!

    • chrisbet4

      All other businesses are regulated. Why shouldn’t we regulate how innocent living creatures are treated when they are used in a business?! If humans are not going to voluntarily treat these animals the way they should be treated, there should absolutely be laws put into place!

    • mysttryst

      Christine— Actually two animals living in horrid conditions IS news! Two animals living in horrid conditions are two too many animals living that way! You just don’t get it do you? Or maybe you just don’t care?

      • chrisbet4

        Seriously?! I am the one who thinks these places should have regulations! And I also believe that even 1 animal being treated badly is news! I have even reported people for this! Amazing that you can Mack such snap judgements about someone based on a comment!

      • chrisbet4

        Mysttryst – sorry! I received an e-mail that made it look like your comment was in response to mine. My name also happens to be Christine. My bad!

    • annon

      I purchased a puppy there. The place was a disgrace! The dogs ran in one big open room. Mixed breeds of all ages covered in feces and urine. Puppy I got had fleas and mites. Covered with a thick crust of feces and urine. She was not healthy but I couldn’t wait to get her out of there. Wanted to open the door and free them all! Turned out, Julie had been turned in many times before my experience. Hard to believe she was allowed to continue almost 20 more years! Iowa needs to stand behind its laws

    • Shannon McGinness

      You really are quite dense, aren’t you? What in the world do you think this ‘kennel’ does? You would not want YOUR dog to inhabit there. Why would YOUR dog inhabit that kennel, unless it is to breed? These dogs are used to breed every heat cycle until they die. No vet care, no protection from the elements and often not enough food and water. I am so impressed that you consider this drama and that we don’t need more laws to protect these animals, who are not given a choice in the matter. And please tell me how you think 2 people can properly take care of over 200 dogs…oh, I forgot….it is just an agenda to you. I would imagine you are one of those lovely individuals who believe that ‘it is just a dog’.

    • Christine Holleyman

      It is unconscionable that a civilized society even allows the legal commercial breeding of cats or dogs. In this nation alone thousands of cats and dogs are killed in so-called government run “shelters” for lack of available homes for them, while at the same time allowing commercial breeders to flood the nation with thousands more to be killed. This does not sound “civilized” to me. And this doesn’t even address the neglect and abuse allowed in such “mills.” I believe that commercial dog breeding should be totally outlawed (make it a felony) in our entire nation, not just in one particular state.

    • Meepmeep

      You sound like someone that runs a puppy mill! These hellish places should be outlawed nation wide. And we don’t need facilities breeding more dogs. The animal shelters are over run with them. I think Christine that you should get to spend a few days living like these poor dogs are forced too and then maybe you will have some perspective.

  • Loba Art

    This is the flyer for the dog auction: http://media.wix.com/ugd/d384ba_5e76c1726eab476aa0e869cd9a068dcb.pdf Notice how the auction vehemently prohibits cameras or any type of recording equipment. Get the feeling that they might have something to hide? Also, notice the phrase “we’ve all been there at some point” in reference to failing USDA inspections. The attitude of these puppy mills toward USDA animal health inspectors is nothing but confrontational. These breeders do not care about the health and welfare of their animals.

    By law, ALL pet store puppies and kittens come from puppy and kitten mills. The law requires any cat or dog breeder or broker selling to a pet store to have a USDA license, but only large commercial kennels (puppy mills) have the license. Small family breeders and hobby breeders don’t sell to pet stores. Period. They don’t need the license. Pet store puppies have been scientifically proven to have health and behavior problems including aggression. Pet stores swear up and down that their dogs come from “family breeders” and are AKC registered. These marketing terms are meaningless and do not guarantee the health or welfare of any animal. Don’t buy the lie. Adopt or buy a dog from a breeder who will let you see the puppies and the parent dogs where they live.

      • Marci

        @Becky…so just because this report and photos are from 4 years ago, they should be disregarded? Has she cleaned any of it up? or has it just gotten worse in the last 4 years? She should have been fined or shut down 4 years ago by the looks of the dogs in those pictures…did you see any of those photos? How about the dog with half of both of it’s ears gone from being eaten by flies?? That’s ok though…right??

      • Jenny

        I don’t care how long ago it was. SHE let the dogs and their homes get into THAT bad of condition! That proves she doesn’t care about anything but making the most money with the least effort! The ONLY way that I would say the report being from four years ago would be if she bought the kennel then in order to clean it up. This woman is a monster. Dogs are sentient beings and love unconditionally. I hope Julie’s health problems cause her to suffer many years, unable to move around well, sitting in her own fecal matter, unable to have good food or water. Oh…gee….I guess i’m saying I would like to see her live the life she condemned HUNDREDS, maybe thousands over the years, of dogs to live in.

      • Jenny

        Betsy, why does the age of the article matter? Just proves she has been doing bad things for a long time. They just did another report on her recently after receiving complaints. she wouldn’t let the cameras in. If she has nothing to hide, you would think she would love 1) the chance to tell her side of the story, and 2) the free advertising that people seeing her cute puppies in their wonderful homes would get her. Oh, I guess we could see cute healthy puppies in wonderful conditions there, there aren’t any.
        I hope this monster, due to her health issues, is forced to suffer for many years, unable to move around, in pain, sitting in her own filth, unable to get to fresh food and water…you know…I hope she lives and dies just like so many helpless animals did while in her care!!! There is nothing worse than a person who mistreats animals, children or the elderly, you know, the helpless ones in our society.

    • N

      The owner of this auction company seems to be in cahoots with the puppy mill owners. Notice at the bottom he advertises help finding dogs, equipment, and licenses. I have a feeling all of these poor dogs will just be bought by other millers. Is there any way to send a copy of this flyer to the puppy mill project ? They are on Facebook and also have a web site. If rescue groups could buy these dogs it would keep them out of the hands of millers.

      • N

        Sorry–I just noticed that this was actually posted by the puppy mill project that I was referring to. Does anyone know of any rescue groups that could buy any of these dogs? According to the auction flyer you can bid by phone.

      • Canine Friend

        The auctioneer has made hundreds of thousands of dollars off these dogs backs. They are the devil in disguise. They also buy dogs, out bid others at auction, run up the bids, (real reputable and honest) and put them on the next auction. Poor dogs just passed on like garbage. Dirty tactics, no compassion, all greed.
        It is an ugly, seedy, barbaric business. And when you buy a puppy from a pet store, you are part of this.

      • Denise

        Many rescues do attend these auctions to try to get these dogs out of the system. It is a very expensive proposition and not for the faint at heart. Most have never had vet care or socialization. After you win the auction, there are vet/dental bills, grooming, spay/neuter and time spent finding them a proper home when they are ready. You’re bidding against many Amish, notorious for their horrid mills. They are willing to spend a lot of money for “guaranteed producers”. Rescues attending these sales usually announce and accept contributions to help them. Safe Haven Bichon & Friends Rescue is one I’m familiar with that does great work.

      • LV

        The good news is that 85% of the dogs at this auction were sold to rescues, where they will be spayed or neutered, socialized, given the health care they need, and eventually adopted to loving families. It’s a drop in the bucket, but for the dogs who were saved, it’s a new life.

    • janisum

      Did you read Julie’s little note near the top of the flyer, right side? It reads the reason for the auction is due to her heart attack from the investigator and ongoing health issues from that. Also, her father diagnosed with cancer last year.

      What a bunch of s-it!!! This is not even the truth. How can they legally post a flyer like this? I’d like to check out the legalities.

  • Betsy Fickel

    Quite a few errors in this story. Sadly, that is no surprise. One fact is correct – animal rights, sometimes referred to as zealots.

      • Anon

        Obviously WHO didn’t read the flyer very quickly…as this particular kennel is only auctioning 42 dogs…not 220. There will be multiple sellers with multiple breeds of dogs at the auction. I’m assuming the 220 number they got was from tallying the whole flyer (not just the small notice about Julie’s Jewels). 42 vs 220–that’s a huge difference in numbers.

      • Mari

        @ANON I read the flyer..l do not see where it says only 42 of these dogs are being auctioned?? and what I’m wondering is, IF only 42 dogs out of the 220 that are listed are being “auctioned” then she’s not really shutting down is she?

      • Anon

        Of the 220 dogs being auctioned, only 42 of them actually belong to Julie’s Jewels–which is her entire breeding stock. The other approx. 178 on the flyer are from other consignees.

    • Canine Friend

      Betsy, don’t you have some dog feces to clean up, some dogs needing Vet care, some flies to remove that are buzzing around your poor confined dogs? Do yourself, the dogs and society a favor and get out of the commercial dog breeding (Puppy Mill? ) business.

    • janisum

      Betsy aka/#12672- Good try at naming us “animal rights” people. You seem to have your nose in the wrong book. We are rather, people who advocate for the animals in many unselfish ways. But then, you wouldn’t understand “unselfish” being a puppy mill broker. It takes a zealot to state us as such.

  • Fido's Friend

    Arends, not Arents. The place is an eyesore, so not surprising that this puppy mill should be fraught with problems. I do know someone who had a dog from there and that dog, while a great personality, had multiple health issues. Good thing they are closing.

  • Lynn Arends

    I know for a fact that the enel di nottry ton he usda off the road. Julie had a heart attack while driving back with a camera!!!!!

  • Lynn Arends

    I know for a fact that the kennel did not try to run the usda off he road. Julie had a heart attack while driving back with a camera!!!!

    • Canine Friend

      Nice try Mom. You should have raised your children better. The lack of compassion they apparently were shown through life, led them down a very sad path which in turn have hurt, maim and even appeared possibly killed thousands of helpless dogs over the last 20+ years.
      And the cycle continues with the next generation.
      This is why animal cruelty needs to be discussed in Church and in School as some kids only know what they see at home like in this case with generation after generation mistreating animals, forcing them to live in filth with medical conditions not treated, pumping out puppies, greed is the mission.
      What a wonderful legacy to leave your children, running a Puppy Mill, mistreating animals, and I include the Amish community in this too with their horses and puppy mills. It’s barbaric.

  • Lynn Arends

    How come you keep blocking any thing that is the truth and in favor of the kennel. I’ve tried 3 times to post something on the kennels side Seems to be one sided!!!

    • For the Animals

      For the truth, all you need to do is look at the USDA inspection photos. I saw a report one time where someone tried to put their hand over the camera. Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. Disgusting.

  • Lynn Arends

    what is in correct about this reporting: I know for a fact that This kennel has indoor /outdoor runs on cement NOT little wire pens, the pens are BIGGER than a lot of dorm rooms. The dogs are all friendly and well cared for. The little shed that 13 keeps showing is a loafing shedd for little horses. NOT PART of the kennel where dogs are kept. At LEAST the horse have shelter, not like a lot of horse out there. This story seems to REALLY be one sided.

    • chrisbet4

      I looked at the pictures taken by the inspector. Photos don’t lie. This is disgusting!!! The fact that she was allowed to treat animals like this for as long as she did should be criminal!

    • Canine Friend

      Yes, Julies Jewels is an oasis for animals. I bet animals run away from their indoor homes just to be a part of such a loving, well cared for clean environment.
      Have you lost all 4-5 of your senses Lynn? Namely, smell, sight and hearing?

  • JA Johnson

    In 2010 new laws were passed because of Mary LaHays work. So, why are laws going un-enforced? Passing newer laws again is simply not the answer to closing down substandard breeding facilities.

  • Kate

    WHOTV, Why don’t you report useful information in your article as well….like when the dogs are being auctioned off, their breeds, age, condition, etc.

  • For the Animals

    why is the auction going out of state? Too many things to hide at the breeder’s torture chamber? Why so few dogs…why not all?

  • chrisbet4

    Seriously?! You are more concerned about a wrong name than what the article is about and then you use a word that is extremely offensive to most people, especially those of us with special needs kids?!

  • Mike Cee

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. The sooner dirtballs like this are put out of business the better.

  • Dianne Singer

    Will H$U$ spend any of its millions of dollars to buy these dogs at rescue, get them much-needed veterinary care and shelter/foster them until they’re ready for proper homes? I bet not.

    • Bobbi

      Seriously, you have to condemn the group changing laws so that dirtbags like this have to clean up their acts or go out of business? Says more about you than HSUS. If you weren’t doing anything wrong, you wouldn’t have to fear those fighting for ethical treatment of all animals.

  • mark

    too bad the heart attack didn’t kill her. zero sympathy for people like her. rotten bottom of the barrel scum is all she is.

  • Janet Schminkey

    2 very simple facts: Thank God, this abuser got what she deserved. So sad, the dogs still have to pay by going to auction.

  • JD

    I live in the same town as Julie’s Jewels. I have even bought from her(before knowing it was a puppy mill). I also know someone who worked there many years ago. This place is a dump and you can see the trash from the road when driving by…trying to dodge their geese that are on the road. They made a lot of empty promises with the dog I got. Never received papers on him either. So I am guessing he was either not pure bred or inbred. Even their mini horses have horrible living conditions! They should be banned from owning any animals period! In the winter time you could see the huskies in their small runs. Ever since I have lived in town, they have never maintained their grounds like one should where their animals live.

  • Susan

    Well, that’s all well and good, but I’m wondering…….what has happened to all the abused/neglected dogs and puppies at this facility?

  • janisum

    Is this not false advertisement by stating the reasons for the auction being, 1) a heart attack & continuing effects of
    2) her father’s cancer?. This is covering up for the abuse these dogs/pups went through. She makes me so sick, I have to stop writing before I say what I really want to and what kind of treatment she deserves.

  • lynn Arends

    FOR YOUR INFORMATION I am not a relative of the kennel. I am close friend who just happens to have the same name. The mothers that should be ashamed are the mothers that raised stupid,idiot,no brained animal activist like you people. If you really want to see a place where animals are in horrible conditions you need to drive to Jewell and check out the so called VET IN JEWELL. It smell so bad Saturday during the parade I almost puked!

    • Chris

      If having compassion for animals makes me and my children idiots, I would rather be an idiot than whatever heartless thing you are.

  • Linda

    Ok, obviously the people are dirty. The pens are not only completely neglected, the facility looks like it has newer concrete, but the wire is rusty, it is an open shed that allows birds to fly in, and everything else that flies, and who in their right mind would buy the used worn out kennel equipment from them if you COULD clean the filth. This is why pups get disease and pass it on. Don’t you have to wonder who has been inspecting this facility for God Knows how long, and why they still have their job? In my state, they inspect, you have days to correct the problem or you are done. Period. That is how it should be.
    But the HSUS is not an animal rescue, they put down animals all the time in their own puppy mill settings. They are not your local animal shelter whom you should be supporting. They have more than eighty million dollars to spend on lobbying Congress to forward their vegan agenda. Get a clue.
    And, you all really set me off when you don’t really care about these dogs at this particular kennel or you would be going to get some. And attacking each other and wishing suffering on human beings? You are nothing but animals yourselves. Shame on you.

  • Betsy Fickel

    Nearly unbelievable! Appears so many are spewing vile hatred based on skewed stories and sensationalism (ex. golf cart tall tale) by WHO TV. It is so sad that a newscast appears to just blindly accept whatever is spoon fed to it.
    What ever happened to integrity and honesty? Is it because news media is now protected from libel that it feels it can spew whatever it dreams up as so called fact to further whatever agenda it may have? What happened to the ethics and morals of way back when, when newspapers took pride in accurate reporting, they researched to make sure they had verifiable facts, not just opinions? They were held accountable for any false info they reported. They had the integrity to admit when they reported wrongful info or info that came to light refuting what was originally reported.
    What has happened to our society when truth is no longer relevant? When fulfilling an agenda overcomes truth?
    What has happened to our society when people so freely call for something bad to befall someone that doesn’t march lock step to their ideals? Or even their death?
    Reading through these comments, there is a startling resemblance to a certain political/religious belief that if one does not kow tow to that belief system, they are labeled infidels, subjected to persecution or off with their heads. No difference.
    Just for a bit of TRUTH. The USDA reports and pictures touted are from FOUR years ago. FOUR years. A lot can and HAS changed. Just a FYI, that the media, IVCA, and others have purposed to ignore, The last inspection report was CLEAN. Yes, clean. Meaning NO violations. But, that would not serve the purpose of the seemingly wanton desire to destroy a business and lives.
    Had this truly been about the dogs, there should have been a reaching out to help, instead of the demonizing and purposed destruction. Only ONE, ONE rescue did that, asking if there was any way to help. So, all you others out there that are so busy, busy and intent on destroying, it’s not really about the dogs is it? Because if it was, YOU would have been asking, offering to help just like SCDR.
    Really a sad, sad statement about our current society where one’s agenda over shadows truth.

    • Sue

      If she is so clean and wonderful, why did she ever let those poor animals get into that condition in the first place, even if it was four years ago? Those sort of conditions don’t happen over night. AND , again, if she is so clean and wonderful now, why didn’t she let the reporters come thru and look at her facility. As was stated before, would have given her the chance to tell her side of the story and show how wonderful her care is of these animals. would have been some fantastic free publicity. Instead, they put their hands over the camera and, if I remember right threatened the reporters if they didn’t get off their property.
      Oh, and I don’t think you have to be any type of religious fanatic to want people to take care of the innocent animals that are helplessly in their care.

      • Phyl

        Exactly, in the adult world you take responsibility for your own choices and decisions, you do not blame others for your mistakes.

    • chrisbet4

      You want to talk about integrity, ethics and morals?! Seriously?! Where were the ethics and morals when it came to caring for these poor animals?!

    • annon

      Betsy , stop. The place needs to be shut down. Period. In life there aren’t unlimited passes to error. Julie ran a bad ship. She should have been stopped many years ago.

      • Phyl

        Believe the neighbors dog was shot because of suspected rabies…..According to the county public health…in the event of a suspected rabid animal, be it a dog, bat, cat, shunk, etc, contact your medical doctor, contact your local sheriff or police department and try to keep the animal alive. Were any of those steps taken?

  • annon

    I purchased a bichon there years ago. She was deemed a runt and of no value yet I was charged full price. Sweetest little 6 week old pup. Her coat was matted with urine and feces. She was loaded with fleas and mites. Took her to the vet. Vet was horifled to know I bought that puppy. She looked like she had been lost for weeks. She also had pneumonia. Never having had that breed before I asked Julie if I could see the parents. She said no. But I tell you, when she opened the door to get the pup I saw a big room filled with dirty puppies of various breeds crowded together and matted, filthy adult dogs of various breeds mingled among them. I knew then I was seeing my first puppy mill. I had an appointment so she tried to make the puppy presentable. But for weeks I was trying to clean away the crust of feces from her skin. Saddest place I have ever seen. A friend who runs shelder reported Julie after seeing my puppy. The State told her Julie had been reported many, many times. Shame on her.

  • annon

    I have never in my life seen puppies cared for the way Julie did and it was in the 90’s. She had been in trouble for abuse long before that even. Shameful way to live. Breaking codes and ethics without a care.

  • Frederick W Farnow, West Des Moines, IA 50266

    I too bought a Bichon Frise from these cretins 12 years ago. I love the dog dearly but have spent close to $16,000 caring for her poor thing because of medical issues she has had since birth. When I visited their facility in 2002, I asked to see the kennel but was told that strangers would disrupt the sleeping and nursing puppies and out of respect for them and their care we could not go into the kennel area. It made sense to me then – but I should have pursued it further. These people should be jailed – not just vilified! Better yet, they should be subjected to the kind of living conditions they forced the poor animals to live in. I cannot say what I really feel for these women as it would be sexist, inflammatory, possibly libelous, and certainly vulgar. This will have to suffice; may your eventual hell be half as severe as the hell you created for puppies in Iowa.

  • SaveGrace

    I was by Julies today and its very quiet. Whats disturbing is that our state allows these dogs to be shipped and sent out of state to auction. The auctions themselves are horribly painful to endure as a human, to see those sad little faces begging for help, all because filthy money hungry lazy people used, abused, neglected and basically tortured them. While I despise these horrible breeders, Betsy Fickle being one herself, the focus needs to remain on the subject at hand. Why is our state allowing these failed inspections to continue? Why do we not have tougher and ENFORCED laws to ensure these animals are for one, at a count that these 2-3-4 people can handle care for on a daily basis? Two, that once they are closed, be it due to revoked license or self dispersals, why are these dogs allowed to still bring them money in at auctions? And be auctions out of state? Julies has been known to euthanize perfectly healthy puppies, huskies, born with only one blue eye. Webster City Vet Clinic is responsible for those murders. They should also be in question of ethical doctoring. Help was offered for these babies by rescue, and Julie herself denied rescue to take these babies for FREE, and chose to PAY to kill them instead. These stories have been told more than once, and for years. While breeders like Betsy, Debra Pratt, Julies, and more exist, these dogs will be suffering. people need to be in touch with legislators, speak up when they see and hear wrongdoing, follow up on stories, and just do NOT STAND for it anymore. I am sick to my stomach with the thought of these 42 dogs in a more than likely un-air conditioned cramped filthy trailor. for a 7 hour or so drive. Ive asked more than one of these breeders to allow cameras in, for live video or still photos, and every single one has been denied. If there is nothing to hide then SHOW IT.

  • taralynnehansen

    Wow some of these commets make me ashamed to be from iowa. So full of hate. Calling names and wishing death ,happy to hear of family illness andsickness… really people … they are out of buiness .leave them alone.

    • janisum

      What makes me ashamed of being from Iowa is what puppy mills like this are doing!!!. The family created this all on their own. I don’t feel a bit ashamed nor upset with the words of anyone speaking for the animals!. I give them a kudos and yet feel bad for them as I know the hurt they feel.
      If this family is in such poor health, as they say, then why the auction? The family are ruthless people. How can one defend them? Really….?

      • taralynnehansen

        Because the facts are shown to be diffrent than what this “news ” story put out.
        And SCDR was allowed in and took pictures.
        The past yes it seems that they stuggled. But the facts remain that they have worked hard to follow above and beyond what the law and even what most shelters do for thier dogs.
        For humans to wish death and spew hate for others like in these posts is truly a sad sad event.
        It seems that whotv is as gulity at spreading hate by not telling the whole story.

    • BNB

      Taralyn. Julie’s Jewels is not CLOSED. Her license does not expire until October of 2014. As of today, she has not turned in her license to quit so she can still operate. I’m afraid people have been duped. $13,000 just went into the pocket of a breeder to purchase younger more breedable dogs. Let’s hope she doesn’t do that, but as of today, she can!

      • taralynnehansen

        I am horrified that the comments here have wished “death and illness” on other people.
        While no one agrees that a animal should be hurt or abused. It seems that people would find some compassion not only for the animals but also for humans. But it seems that is a lost art.

  • WD

    Absolutely horrified to read some of the comments here. Two thoughts come to mind.

    1) Anyone who is that ignorant or heartless or both to even begin to defend or suggest that Julie’s Jewels and other Commercial Breeding facilities with numerous violations and repeated reports of non compliance are humane breeders scares the hell out of me. Is this our future? I’m not one to label individuals, but this definitely fits the definition of white trash! Our prison system is waiting for you…in time, you’ll be there.
    2) Anyone who tries to reason with these people baffles me. Why waste time discussing anything with them. Be smart and raise above it. Use social media and every other tool to expose them at every chance you get. Educate the public, and put your money where your fingers do the typing. Support orgs like IVCA who, is making a valiant effort to change the local laws that will eventually shut these places down.

    As far as HSUS goes, they walk the line and will never be integral in shutting mills down. These are the same people who make a million dollar salary and felt that M Vick deserved a second chance. Get serious. Put your money locally and let’s stop winning battles and instead win the WAR!

  • taralynnehansen

    Perhaps if more compassion and kindness where shown when we see a issues rather than judgement and hate …than the state may be in a better place

    • Janet Rockhill Schminkey

      Compassion and kindness apparently does not run in the Jewels family nor any other dirty mill owner. It takes a heartless and selfish person to market a puppy like a commodity. The state is in trouble for having the 2nd most mills in the nation. This is a chain reaction hurting beyond the sale of a pup. A child is saddened to have a puppy dying. Adults are mortified after seeing a vet. and spending thousands on care, only to find it’s too late.
      Now, tell me where we need more compassion and kindness? And then… stop with the comments!!

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