Response Overwhelming for Iowa Teachers’ School Safety Invention

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MUSCATINE, Iowa — A school safety device named “The Sleeve” was invented by Iowa teachers, and locks classroom doors keeping intruders out and kids safe.

The idea has gone viral.

It was created by a group in the Quad Cities. Since the story about the product aired earlier this week, the product’s popularity has skyrocketed.

Product creators say they didn’t expect this kind of response.

“The response from the nation is awesome, it’s shocking, its overwhelming, it’s all of the above. I couldn’t be happier,” says Daniel Nietzel, president of Fighting Chance Solutions.

He says they’ve gotten orders from across the country and locally and are working out details like selling gift certificates and allowing donations.

You can find out how to purchase “The Sleeve” here.

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  • Ishmale Whale

    For a teacher trying to patent and market this for profit is wrong. The plans should freely be provided so any school with a metal shop can make these for their protection, or for those schools
    who do not have the metal shop facilities.
    I am all for the free market system and capitalism, but as simple as this item is and what it means for safety of the young…I am just saying.

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