Task Force Votes to Keep Event but Change VEISHEA’s Name

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AMES, Iowa — The task force charged with making recommendations about the future of Iowa State University’s VEISHEA celebration made a controversial decision at its meeting Thursday night, but the final say goes to President Steven Leath.

The task force was formed following violence in Ames’ Campustown during VEISHEA week in April.

First, the group voted an “overarching university-wide event” should continue to be a part of the school.  A discussion on what type of activities would be part of that event followed.

Then a vote on whether to keep the VEISHEA name was taken, with 12 members voting “no” and three members voting “yes.” One member abstained from the vote.

University spokesperson Annette Hacker says before the vote the task force discussed the negative connotations the VEISHEA name has come to represent, such as rioting. Members also spoke about the 92-year-old acronym, which represented the five schools of the university in the 1920s, no longer being accurate because of the university’s current schools.

The task force has more meetings scheduled before it must give its final recommendation to President Leath by June 30th. There is no timetable after that on when Leath will make his final decision.

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  • Mike Cee

    Sure. Let’s change the name. That will fix everything and make the kiddies in Ames act like responsible adults. Now the task force can puff out their collective chests and lay claim to fixing it.

    Let’s hope this shill task force wasn’t paid with tax payer dollars.

  • Hugo S LaVia

    Now we need a contest for the new name! I submit “Drunk Stupid Cyclone Student Fest” (I know, it’s not an acronym).

    Remember what Dean Wermer told the boys of Delta house — “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through college.”

    • losliberalessonmastontosquemierda

      heh, ole bluto didn’t fair too badly…… senator….nice little trinket on his wrist…..

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