Branstad Challenges Hatch to Release Tax Returns

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Governor Branstad called on his Democratic challenger to be more open about how much money he’s made in the past.

The governor wants Jack Hatch to release tax returns from the past five years instead of only the previous year’s return.

Although the governor admits he didn’t do that when he ran for re-election in 2010.

“He’s only released one year’s tax returns and that’s a tax return when he knew he was going to be a candidate. If he releases, his tax returns, I’ll release mine,” Gov. Branstad said.

The governor argues that Iowans should know how Hatch financially benefited from business development projects that received tax credits.

Hatch has overseen numerous projects in the state over the years.

“Look at the businesses that he’s in and look at the money he’s made. He’s a millionaire. He’s become a millionaire while he served in the state senate,” the governor added.

Hatch’s campaign says it has no plans to release additional tax returns.

“We’re just not going to play that game. It’s just a phony issue for political purposes,” campaign manager Grant Woodward said.

Hatch is set to reveal his running mate Tuesday morning.


  • gimmieabreak

    on behalf of MADD.
    I challenge Terry Braindead to submit all son Eric Braindead’s hidden OWI records including murder via OWI homicide re Iowa’s citizens that have been killed to the citizens of Iowa.

  • Right Wing Patriot

    Branstad will continue to put the screws to Hatch. The poor guy has no chance. The odds of Hatch winning are about 5%.

  • John

    Since he’s never held a real job, the double dipping hypocrite also became a millionaire on the state tab. Lets talk about real issues like how to ‘govern the state’ without knowing about anything going on anywhere between the three boundary rivers and N&S state lines. Branstad says he’s done a great job as governor, but how would he know when all his numbers are fiction and all of his administration’s problems are someone elses fault… The $buck stops in Terry’s pocket but the blame is on anyone else he can point at- can’t wait till he throws Reynolds under the bus.

    • John Smith

      Exactly! Whenever anything is questionable you can bet TB “had no idea” about it. What a hypocrite asking for tax returns when he is double dipping from the state tax payers. He is only in office to make himself and his friends much wealthier!

  • The Phantom

    The funny thing is that no one is saying hatch is not an idiot and or crook. They bring out family and middle management issues. Look, Terry like him or not has made the state better every year he has been in office. You may not like his party ( I know if he was a Dem they would do nothing but defend his governing styles and his family). But be serious look at where we were at when fat chet left office. No one in this state can say that we are not better off finacially then that fat sweaty moron left office. Will I vote for Terry again, you bet but most of that decision is that the dems gave up on the election and put up Hatch. He cannot even run his campaign. His staff leaked the lt. govern choice before he made his announcment. He is easy fodder for Terry and the only shot he has if god forbid anything happens and Terry cannot carryon with his campaign do to health reasons. Hatch provides no fresh ideas and is a proven shady politican when in his former seat. No fresh ideas and shaddy past vs. Tery and the past results = a vote for Terry.

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