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DES MOINES, Iowa--Five Republicans still hoping to become their party's nominee for Iowa's Third Congressional District got five minutes Tuesday morning to woo delegates. Robert Cramer, Brad Zaun, David Young, Matt Schultz and Monte Shaw all took part.

David Young, of Van Meter, and former chief of staff to Senator Chuck Grassley, offered his background, some jokes about what he would do for delegates and how he knows the way to get things done in Washington.

Robert Cramer, of Grimes, and bridge construction engineer, decried the negativity he said other campaigns are using, joked about what his wife does when someone calls him "Bob",  and offered himself as the best mix of traits to accomplish things in D.C.

Brad Zaun, of Urbandale, and former congressional candidate and current state senator, pointed out that he had the most votes on primary night, that he carried the district's most populous county of Polk and joked about how he won over a delegate who lives in a hard-to-find rural home.

(Cramer and Schultz campaigns had literature waiting for guests at Des Moines Conservatives Breakfast Club. Photo: Dave Price, WHO-HD).

(Cramer and Schultz campaigns had literature waiting for guests at Des Moines Conservatives Breakfast Club. Photo: Dave Price, WHO-HD).

Matt Schultz, of Truro, and current secretary of state, said he will work for the people and that he isn't going to back down to liberals or the media.

Monte Shaw, of West Des Moines, and renewable fuels executive, pointed out he won 10 of the district's 16 counties on primary night and that his commercials with his wife and children show the values he brings to the race.

A total of 513 delegates will vote Saturday at a district convention in Urbandale to pick the nominee, after no Republicans could get the necessary 35% to win the nomination during the June 3rd primary.

Channel 13 counted 27 people in the room at the Des Moines Conservatives Breakfast Club, listening to the 5 Republicans' pitches. That didn't count the candidates, their spouses or media. About half of the people raised their hands when asked how many were delegates.

Here are Channel 13's Dave Price's tweets from the event:

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  • The Phantom

    The Iowa version of the 7 dwarfs called the 5 shmucks. Robert Cramer (Sleepy), Brad Zaun (Happy), David Young (Doc), Matt Schultz (Dopey) and Monte Shaw (Grumpy). Also it looked like quite the turn out.

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