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Lightning Brings Down Tree, Destroys Cars in Jefferson

JEFFERSON, Iowa - There was plenty of clean up in the Greene County town of Jefferson Tuesday after last night's storm took down a large tree, toppling it onto these two cars.

Sara Valentine saw the whole thing.

"There was a lot of straight line winds and rain. And while we were standing by the window, we saw a lightning strike hit this tree and then it made like a flickering all around the tree," Valentine recalled. "It was really loud. It just kinda sounded like an explosion. And the whole tree snapped."

The black mark left by the lightning is still visible.

Crews and neighbors spent hours trying to clean up the mess.

"Well, the Saturn had a complete frame bend," said neighbor Don Labate. "Looks like the entire car is bowed. The windshield, now both of the windshields with the tree coming down. And the roof is completely collapsed. The other car looks similar but not as bad. But the roof, the hood and the windshield are broken."

No one was hurt.

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