Storms Bring Down Power Lines and Tree Branches

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Sirens woke up people in Polk County overnight. Tornado sirens were activated around 1 a.m. because of straight-line winds. The strong storms brought down tree branches and knocked down power lines.

About 30,000 people were without power in the Des Moines area around 5 a.m. Tuesday. The number dropped to about 19,000 at 7 a.m. Click here to see more from MidAmerican Energy.

Des Moines Police warn of blockages on your way to work. Many intersections do not have traffic lights because of the power outages. Des Moines Police officers and MidAmerican Energy crews are working to clear the roads.

These are known problem areas compiled by dispatch in the city of Des Moines. Call the non-emergency line at 283-4811, if you find any other problems.

Trees down Wires down Traffic lights out
1300-b 32nd 1100-b 24th 19th / University
2800-b University 3206 Seneca Ml King / University
29th / Cottage Grove 29th / Cottage Grove 24th / University
1300-b 24th 2700-b 49th 25th / University
323 Thornton 30th / Mann 31st / University
1100-b 24th E 14th/Indianola (2 SB lanes closed) 42nd / University
5500-b SW 18th 3501 Adams E 25th / Euclid
3501 Adams Forest Dr / Zwart (south of) 30th / Hickman
25th / Center 25th / Center E 26th / Euclid
1500-b 29th Hutton / Garfield (north of) I235 / Euclid
Hutton/Garfield (just north of) SW 14th / Elder Ln. E 29th / Euclid
SW 30th / Park 2723 49th E 29th / Hubbell
3700-b Fleur (NB lanes) 4131 E Seneca E 33rd / Hubbell
4131 E Seneca 1703 23rd SW 14th / McKinley
1600-b 27th St. 4800-b NE 38th E 33rd / University
2800-b Clark 37th / Beaver Williams / University
4200-b Dean 37th / Grand Ml King / Cottage Grove
44th / Carpenter (north of) Luster Ln / Royal Rd I235 / Ml King
Hubbell / Broadway Hull / Cornell
37th / Grand 2520 40th Pl
  515 E Dunham
  30th / Hickman (north of)


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