Branstad Campaign Launches Fake Hatch-Vernon Website

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DES MOINES, Iowa — The Terry Branstad campaign was ready for Democrat Jack Hatch to pick Monica Vernon as a running mate Tuesday.

The governor’s re-election team apparently claimed the web address before the Hatch-Vernon team could.

Tuesday, the Branstad campaign launched a satirical campaign site for the Democrats promising to raise taxes, increase unemployment, and adopt an unbalanced budget.

The Branstad campaign is also behind the satirical Twitter @HatchVernon. They’ve been sending out tweets like this:


  • Dawn W.

    Seems a little childish to me. It’s bad enough to see that crap in a tv commercial but to actually get a website with the competitors’ names and use it to trash them is definitely classless.

  • Guest

    and I bet you he didn’t know anything about this like all of the other things he never knows about!

  • Jim Rasmussen

    Some observations: 1) Liberals can’t take a joke. 2) If leftists had been smart enough to come up with something like this first against Branstad/Reynolds they would have hailed it as the most witty, ingenious, brilliant, funny, inventive idea in the history of the internet. And any Republican who complained would be lectured about how they can’t take a joke.

    • Dawn W.

      It’s funny when it’s obvious it’s a paraody, like The Onion doesn’t claim to be The Times or The Tribune. But whomever built the site built it using the competitions’ names, which isn’t cool regardless of political affiliation.

  • Jim

    A tactic best left to the internet trolls and kinda unbecoming and petty coming from a standing governor’s political team. About the equivelent of blacking out teeth or drawing a moustache on someone’s poster. Kinda funny, but low. And I mean funny theoretically. The site itself is weirdly bland and lacking in any real parody.

  • Guest

    You know I’ve never declared a political side and never voted because I have always thought politics is a game I’d rather not waste my time on. Then I see something like this and it only justifies my excuse to remain uninvolved in the process. It seems to me that a campaign should focus on how it’s candidate is going to improve the quality of life for the people they hope to represent… instead this campaign team chooses to make jokes and attack it’s opponent right from the start. I see the humor, but also see it as childish and unethical. Iowans don’t need to be entertained, we need real leaders… Terry Branstad is a joke, and I think I might register to vote this year just to vote against him. I hope the Hatch-Vernon campaign responds to this ridiculous website with some class.

  • Ginger

    I guess Braindead has all this extra income since we Iowans are paying him twice, a slary and a retirement income, and he wastes it on this type of crap. Why does he keep getting elected? I thought Iowans were intelligent.

  • Julie

    Pathetic excuse of an adult male with impressionable grandchildren. Classic case of bullying. Are 15 year old girls advising you on your campaign? Shame on you.

  • David Twombley

    How absolutely pathetic. Yes, what ever has happened to the ‘Robert Ray’ type of Republicans in Iowa….. They simply are not allowed to exist in today’s Republican Party. Tragic…..

  • ShameOnU

    Very low-brown. Bad form, unethical, and in poor taste. Watch – tomorrow he’ll deny knowing about it and fire whoever was in charge of it.

  • Mike Cee

    Classic. It shows how ill-prepared Hatch is. Any campaign with an ounce of intelligence would have claimed that domain name before the competition.

  • Pat

    This type of behavior helps Iowans, how? This classless act is beneath us. We need to look to the future not jokes as stated by others. I dare say it borders on illegal considering the continued tweets. Governor, you have loss my vote regardless. Good luck on your retirement.

  • Paul

    I’m sorry but anyone who would honestly look at this page and think that it is authentic is the type of person that is mocked in the State Farm commercial with the goofy guy who claims to be a French model – and the woman believes it “because it was on the internet”. (For crying out loud, why would an official Hatch for Governor page have a link to “join the Branstad-Reynolds team”??? Me thinks thou doest protest too much.) This is not only legitimate political commentary, but it is done in classic political satire fashion. Even more than that, the fact that the Branstad folks were so sure who Hatch was going to pick that they pre-purchased the domain indicates that the Hatch campaign is ranking pretty low on their own creativity meter right now. And, as others have already noted, it also shows the lack of planning and forethought that the Hatch team seems to have. The characterization that this in any way takes the place of a presentation of actual issues is absurd – there’s plenty of issue-oriented rhetoric already out there and we will endure months more of it before Election Day. Those who are classifying this as “low brow”, “classless”, or even the extremely bizarre accusations that it is somehow “unethical” or “illegal” are the ones who reveal their personal ignorance of the terms they are using because their irrational hatred for Branstad means they will attack and reject anything Branstad does while also defending and blindly accepting anything that anyone running against Branstad does – which I think is ironically a much more fitting definition of those terms.

  • John

    This ‘spoof’ is in poor taste and shows a complete lack of character integrity. If Branstad thinks governing the state includes being a comedian then that explains his portrayal of an idiotic moron who doesn’t know ‘nuthing about anything’. They weren’t secret payments, they were expensive jokes. Orascam isn’t going to cost taxpayers more than $10,000 for every job created because the jobs won’t ever materialize- it’s a big prank. He didn’t illegally close the job services offices or the school for troubled youth, he was ‘joking them’.
    If the Branstad comedy troupe had been paying attention to the news, high school kids have been suspended and expelled for this kind of joke. We should all expect more maturity from the governor of the state than we do of a bunch of teens and pre-teens.
    BRANSTAD IS AN EMBARRASSING INCOMPETENT WHO SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO DRIVE A CAR… oh yeah he isn’t, but he sure likes to ignore the laws that he signs to bind the rest of us.

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