Body Found of Missing Man in Skunk River in Ames

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AMES, Iowa – The body of a man who went missing tubing in the South Skunk River has been found.

Emergency crews were called to search for a man who disappeared in the river in Ames on Wednesday afternoon.

Police responded to the scene near Carr Park at about 2:45 p.m. Ames Police said that a 28-year-old man fell of his inner tube while floating down the river with seven other people.

“As they were coming down the river, they realized it was very high and the current was very strong so they decided to get off their inner tubes here at Carr Park,” said Ames Police spokesperson Sgt. Christine Crippen. “When they were trying to get to the shore, that’s when the one male went under the water.”

Story County used a boat with sonar technology to scan the river. An official on the bridge spotted the missing tuber floating down stream four hours after he went missing.

Police believe as he tried to get to shore underwater debris pulled him under.

"A part of the tree that is above the water and there’s some below the water as well and they’re thinking that when he tried to go to shore he possibly got stuck in the tree and that’s what held him down,” said Sgt. Crippen.

Those that live in the area say after a heavy rain, the river is a dangerous place to be.

"The water is moving pretty fast probably about eight-miles-an-hour maybe a little bit faster right now, it's definitely not tube-able, there’s a dam down the way and you wouldn't want to be on a tube unable to get to the shore when you get close to the dam,” Ames resident Grant Brower warned.

Brower kayak's the Skunk often, but says he wouldn't attempt going in now especially with the rising waters.

"Directly after rainfall it gets pretty high but never this high, we've had a lot of rain past few weeks so it's been collecting on us,” he said.

Officials agree, the recent storms have made the Skunk dangerous and are encouraging everyone to stay out.

"There's a lot of debris in the river and that makes it unsafe to be in the river,” Sgt. Crippen.

Police said that the man is a New Jersey native who is a grad student at Iowa State University. His name is not being released at this time.

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