Saylorville Lake Levels to Rise More than Expected, Closures Already in Place

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SAYLORVILLE LAKE, Iowa — The rain from this week’s storms in northern Iowa will make a bigger impact on Saylorville Lake than originally thought. Already, several areas around the lake have been closed off.

The level was forecasted to rise 15 feet by June 25th, but more rain Tuesday night has now nearly doubled the estimated rise. Saylorville Lake is expected to reach a level of 866.76 feet on June 28th, rising about 29 feet over the next 11 days. At its current forecasted peak, the water will still be about 14 feet from the spillway crest.

More rain forecasted for Wednesday night in northern Iowa could make that number jump again though.

The Cherry Glen lower boat ramp has been closed and Jeff Rose with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says the Lakeview main ramp and the Sandpiper boat ramp are expected to close June 23rd because of the rising water.

Corydon Drive, Gate Tower Road, and Jester Park Drive have also been closed.

The beaches at Sandpiper and Oak Grove have been shut down because of the high water.


  • BrutallyHonest

    This is rediculous. Why are they not opening the spill way to let more water out? The fishing on the lake sucks when the water gets this high and i see no need for it to be this high when the river levels are so low. So they keep the river levels low, which makes fishing crappy and keep the lake high which makes fishing crappy. Dumb.

    • Thinkaboutit

      The reason they just can’t open the gates full blast depends on down stream areas such as Red Rock. The rains have affected the Raccoon basin quite a bit also which goes to Red Rock but not Saylorville. It is not dumb, but some comments are.

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