World Food Prize Winner Announced

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dr rajaramDES MOINES, Iowa – The winner of the World Food Prize was announced Wednesday.

A former colleague of Norman Boulag, Doctor Sanjaya Rajaram from India and a citizen of Mexico, is this year’s recipient.

The prize is handed out annually to those who improve the quantity, quality and availability of food throughout the world.

Dr. Rajaram is known for developing 480 wheat varietes that have been released in 51 countries on six continents.

Officials say his research has made wheat more resistant to different types of weather and diseases and is responsible for worldwide gains of more than 200-million tons of wheat annually.

“It’s been something of an anomaly that while Dr. Boulag’s work came in wheat, the World Food Prize since it was created has never been presented to anyone who has worked with that crop even though it’s the most widely grown cereal grain in the world. But that will change today,” Former Ambassador Kenneth Quinn said as he announced the winner.

Rajaram will receive the award at a ceremony in Des Moines in October.