Growing Meat Production, Except For Beef

Next year's meat and poultry production prospects can be summed up as more of everything, except beef.

That's according to acting USDA world ag outlook forum chairman Seth Meyer, whose group forecasts pork output could grow by 2 percent next year, even with PEDv.

Broiler chickens are projected to grow by more than 2.5 percent, but 2015 might not be a good year for beef.

USDA projects the fifth straight year of falling beef production in 2015, with numbers down 0.04 percent. It may also mark the eighth consecutive year of declining cattle numbers, and Meyer says steer prices are projected to rise 3 percent heading into next year.

Currently the U.S. cattle herd is the smallest it's been in over 60 years.

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  • Jody J

    Beef is to expensive to buy. I can’t afford it. Only when I see it on sale, do I purchase any beef.

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