Flood Gates at Saylorville Lake Completely Open

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SAYLORVILLE LAKE, Iowa — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has fully opened the flood gates at Saylorville Lake and the latest forecast has the peak elevation dropping from previous forecasts.

Thursday the forecast said the lake would reach a high of 873.64 feet on June 29th, but the latest forecast estimates the peak will be 866.28 feet on June 28th. That’s a seven-foot change.

Jeff Rose with the Corps says the gates had been almost all the way open Thursday, but were opened completely Friday morning at 8:00. The current outflow of the lake is 14,700 CFS but as the lake’s pool rises from upstream flooding the pressure increases on the water exiting the lake, boosting the outflow.

With more rain in the forecast for Monday and Sunday, Rose says the numbers will likely change.

The max outflow of the gates is 21,000 CFS and would be reached if the gates are fully open and the lake reaches a level of 880 feet.

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  • Bob

    this really opens the floodgates, it’s a game changer

    and at the end of the day, that’ what matters

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