Success of Solar Panel Tax Credits Touted

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solar panels

DES MOINES, Iowa – State leaders are touting the success of solar energy tax credits.

When legislators passed the bill in 2012 it gave homeowners a $3,000 tax credit and businesses a $15,000 tax credit.

This year, legislators upped that to $5,000 for homeowners and $20,000 for businesses.

Democratic State Senator Robert Hogg says the credits help homeowners, farmers and businesses invest in solar power.

He used the example of Des Moines business Onstage that recently added a 22.6 kilowatt solar system and the company is already seeing the benefits.

“In the last week it’s already generated as much electricity as an average Iowa home uses for a month and as much as two energy efficient homes can use in a month,” Sen Hogg said.

The solar panels produce enough energy for the entire building and the panel operator says they probably won’t need to be replaced for another 25-years.

Iowa ranks 16th in the nation for solar energy production.