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What You Can Expect At The Republican Convention

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URBANDALE, Iowa -- The last time an Iowa Congressional candidate had to go win their party’s nomination in a convention was in 2002 with U.S. Representative Steve King. But with no Republican receiving at least 35 percent of the votes needed for the 3rd Congressional District Primary, those six GOP candidates are going to convention.

513 delegates will decide who will run against former State Representative Stacy Appel. While a majority of those delegates already voted during the primary, that doesn’t mean they’ve locked their decision in. “Some of them raised in my estimation, and some of them lowered in my estimation. I know each of them on a first name basis and many of them are my friends and people I’ve known for a long time,” said delegate Matt Whitaker.

Unlike the primary where a candidate needs to reach the 35 percent minimum, at convention candidates need more than 50 percent of the votes. Which means tomorrow could be a very long day for what has already been a long couple of weeks for candidates and delegates with interviews, phone calls and even house visits.

The convention starts tomorrow at 10 a.m. at Des Moines Christian School in Urbandale.

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