Saturday Surprise Brings Unexpected Winner

David Young wasn’t even one of the original candidates in Iowa’s Third District race. For a brief time, the little-known Republican was a candidate for the U.S. Senate after longtime Democrat Tom Harkin announced he would retire. But after longtime Republican Tom Latham announced he would also retire, Young switched races.

Young finished fifth in the 3rd District’s six-man primary on June 3rd. But Saturday at a convention held at Des Moines Christian in Urbandale, he shocked many Republicans by finishing first.

The convention meant 513 delegates would decide a winner, since no candidate finished with the necessary minimum 35% support on primary night June 3rd.

Candidates gave a speech and then the delegates voted. The candidate with the least support got eliminated in each round until someone earned the majority of delegates.

Here are the round-by-round results:

Round 1

Robert Cramer–75 votes

Joe Grandanette–7

Matt Schultz–95

Monte Shaw–118

David Young–86

Brad Zaun–130

(Per pre-determined rules for this convention, no candidate was eliminated).

Round 2

Robert Cramer–60

Joe Grandanette–2

Matt Schultz–88

Monte Shaw–122

David Young–81

Brad Zaun–157

(Grandanette eliminated).

Round 3

Matt Schultz–85

Monte Shaw–126

David Young–102

Brad Zaun–188

(Cramer dropped out on his own before the voting for this round began. Schultz eliminated after the voting and endorsed Young.)

Round 4

Monte Shaw–120

David Young–171

Brad Zaun–206

(Shaw eliminated).

Round 5

David Young–276

Brad Zaun–221

(Zaun eliminated).

Young’s campaign had featured two ads the past few months using magic to make his argument to voters.

His final remarks to delegates Saturday played off that magic theme. Young said, “Somebody asked me right before I got on stage, David, is this one of your magic tricks again? I said, no, but I have one trick left. And that’s to make Staci Appel disappear in November.

Appel, the former Democratic state senator from Ackworth, is her party’s nominee.


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