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Dogs Rescued from Puppy Mill

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


    • Knowsthetruth

      When can we expect the day you finally empty your cages and stop running your disgusting puppy mill, Ms Fickle? For the dogs imprisioned and bred to death in your facility, I am sure it can not come soon enough.

  • Betsy Fickel

    Scratch the previous post. Was informed it was a different site in regards to this issue, but it was not specified as such. Sorry, WHO. My apologies.

  • Mary Ann

    They are claiming that these dogs came from a kennel shut down??? They went and bought them at a dog auction – paying as much as 1200.00 a piece for them?? Why??? Because they needed dogs to sell.

    • BNB

      I don’t agree that the rescues plan on “selling” the dogs, but I do question the need to rescue from the very breeders they often express they detest! It is putting money in their pockets, and while it is saving THESE dogs lives, it doesn’t solve the overall problem of abuse and cruelty in the system. That money probably should have gone to an organization right here in Iowa trying to change the legislation so there is no NEED to rescue like this. It’s a band-aid to a problem that is much bigger and unfortunately, the cages of those breeders just opened up for more abuse and cruelty!

      • GibnDabsFM

        Had the rescues not bought these dogs at the auction, the dogs would have been bought by other puppy mill breeders and continued to be used as livestock living in cages for the sole purpose of producing litters. The cages of the breeder at this auction have been shut down, so you are incorrect to say that her cages have just been opened up for more abuse and cruelty.

      • BNB

        These people are ruthless and heartless. She’ll reopen. It’s sad that the public can only focus on ONE rescue. These have been going on by rescues for over 20 years. And they breeders are laughing all the way to the bank with their money. It’s time to put the money where it hurts…legislation and shut them down forever by changing the laws!

  • WRD

    WHO TV. Please check your facts on the above. Bailing Out Benji is not a state licensed animal rescue, nor a business entity of any sort nor a 501c3 so any donations made to her are not tax-deductible. She is a blogger who calls herself an “organization”. This can mislead the public causing people to give contributions to something that isn’t leaving them to feel scammed. While it is not illegal to purchase dogs at an auction, it is illegal to “exchange” them without a state license from IDALS! Thank you!

    • Leslie Pralle Keehn

      WHO Didn’t call BOB a rescue. The fact that BOB is a GROUP HELPING ANIMALS is as accurate a fact as any.

  • BNB

    Last I checked Bailing Out Benji is nothing more than a blog. While she calls herself many “other” things, the public should know that any financial support that is given is not tax-deductible and does not save lives. Unless you ask, she doesn’t have to tell, and she won’t. WHO TV, please don’t give undue credit to individuals who pose as non-licensed rescuers. There are fees and annual inspections that all shelters and rescues must comply with. The media should support those who do things legally and properly and not those who pose as anything other than. The state (IDALS) has a website to check your resources in the future before calling an individual a rescue organization! Thank you for your consideration and correction!

    • Interesting?

      Calling it a blog is even stretching it. This person Ms Long has a questionable history of duping big hearted people for personal purposes.
      Bottom line if she’s not licensed she’s running illegal and asking for money too. Legal or not that is tacky and shady.

      • BNB

        Not any less tacky or shady than the commercial breeders who profess to give the dogs proper care. All are people who don’t tell the truth, preying on the public’s heart and ignorance for self profit and self promotion!

      • WRD

        Unfortunately it’s not illegal to take money from people as long as you do with it what you say you will. However, one wonders why anyone would give to an individual stranger without some sort of guarantee of where it’s going!

        The public is responsible for enabling people like this. If they continue to be sucked into her B.S. there is nothing anyone can do but hope people wise up and realize there are other options much more viable and trustworthy!

    • Linda D

      So many misconceptions here! Of the 3 links above, 2 are rescues and one is a “blog” and a Facebook page. Bailing Out Benji is not an organization and especially not a 501c3 non profit so collecting donations for “educating” people about puppy mills is a waste of one’s money in my opinion. That money could just as well been donated to a legitimate rescue to actually save some dogs in Iowa. What happens to any money left over after buying signs on buses and any other educational material?
      This was a rescue effort but no credit should be given to Bailing Out Benji/Ms. Long. She doesn’t pay fees or get inspected as a non profit resue would have to. I’d say tacky and shady describes it pretty good.
      I applaud the efforts but buying a lot of dogs from a Missouri Puppy mill auction when we have plenty of puppy mills in Iowa along with plenty of dogs in shelters is questionable. Yes, dogs were saved but a lot of money went in the breeders’ pockets and to the auction company. Rescue isn’t suppose to be about money but plenty of profit will come from this.
      I would suggest that WHO do research and check facts before reporting on a story like this in the future.

      • kjulstrom0416

        The puppy mill that shut down and auctioned off its livestock was in Jewell, Iowa…. So even though the auction took place in Missouri, the dogs were from Iowa.

      • Save All Wolves

        I love how people continue to comment on things that they know nothing about. First of all, saying that raising money to use to educate people about puppy mills is a waste of time just shows how little you know Linda D……
        Then you go on to comment about the dogs being bought in Missouri……the dogs WERE bought in Missouri but they come from a puppy mill that was shut down right here in Iowa and rather then let the dogs be bought by other puppy mill owners they were purchased by rescues so they could be cared for and adopted out to loving, caring homes. They were bought to save their lives!! Also, I could care less if money I gave to this cause was/is tax deductible….who cares, this is about the welfare of these dogs!! The woman behind Bailing Out Benji is one of the most caring people I know…..she is the farthest thing from a scam artist I have ever seen and anyone who thinks she is running a scam is CRAZY!! She lives for these dogs and to educate others about the horrors of puppy mills! People who only want to help this cause if they can get a tax deduction are doing so for entirely the wrong reasons……The welfare of these dogs is what this is all about…..nothing else!! Anyone posting nasty or negative comments about the woman behind Bailing Out Benji or Bailing Out Benji should be ashamed of themselves…….she lives to save these dogs and does nothing but good things for them……we need more people like her in this world!!

    • Mona Milford

      Bailing Out Benji is run by an animal advocate who works tirelessly to bring awareness about puppy mills, she has started a movement of speaking up for those who can’t speak and has been on the front lines at puppy mill auctions working with rescues, but never claiming to be a rescue. You are bashing one of the best people I know in animal advocacy, someone that always puts the animals #1. Mindi is the best and anyone who says different is wrong, uneducated and probably not doing much to help animals in need or you wouldn’t have time to sit here and spew your hatred and unkindness. BOB traveled with some rescue groups to buy puppy mill dogs last weekend, not to sell them for profit, but to save them from a horrible life, get them rehabilitated and a chance to live the lives they were meant to have. Wherever your misinformation came from research the facts. Look at how many people are aware of puppy mills now because of BOB and their misson to educate.

  • mkrepfle

    Interesting that people on here are bashing Bailing Out Benji when they did nothing to help these dogs. The news wasn’t reporting on BOB being an educational group that needs donations, they talked about the heroes that went to the auction and saved lives. Sounds like people have sad grudges they can’t get past enough to see the good in what has happened. Where are your credentials?

    • BNB

      You’re confusing “bashing” with just telling the facts. Bailing Out Benji is NOT an “organization” as her website states. She is NOT a rescue as the news reported. In fact, Bailing Out Benji is the TITLE of a blog, which is written by Mindi Callison Long. Bashing would be to address her work or her character. I did not do that. I simply asked WHO TV to check their facts next time before giving someone credentials they don’t have! AHeinz57 has the rescue credentials, and I believe so does Hope. Your misinterpretation of what was being addressed to WHO TV and your leap to judgement is exactly why the Breeders laugh at rescuers, and the legislators and business owners remain uninvolved. Try learning how to read, please.

    • WB89

      Hi NOTAFAN: I’ll answer your comment. As a previous donor to her alleged “group”, she did not state to me she was not a non-profit. I should have ASKED that prior to giving, but I love animals and hate abuse, so the topic of mill advocacy drew me into her self promotion like a hot potato. I realize now, my loving heart was abused by a young lady who isn’t being forthright with the public. She leaves out just enough info to keep herself out of trouble. I found all of this out by contacting the appropriate parties and now know WHAT to ask to make sure that my money IS:
      Tax Deductible (which means she has some form of IRS charity status such as a 501c3)
      The business, group or organization is legitimate and can be held accountable should they abuse my contribution,
      That she can produce a license if she does in fact, rescue any animals.
      In short, her actions and posts on both her FB page and Bailing Out Benji were very misleading and I thought she was a non-profit who was helping put an end to mill breeders. While she does NOT need a license to “raise” money, I now know that the money she spends is wasted on marketing efforts that has no plan to end the suffering. It’s just about placing her Blog as big as it can be. Hardly charitable or advocacy work if you ask me. Sad, that people are so desperate for attention they’ll use people to get it. She has some deep soul searching to do to be the type of human being I would ever want to be involved with. Embarrassed that I fell for her antics.

      • Leslie

        This entire feed of comments makes me sick. As an educator I teach my students that they can make a difference in the world, and as a tech integration consultant I promote social media as a means of doing so. I contacted Mindi and BOB to speak with a class of my students about puppy mills, her blog, and rescue animals after she helped my sister find a rescue dog. Last Christmas we then adopted a rescue puppy of our own when BOB hosted a virtual event called “Home for the Howl-idays” to promote getting shelter dogs and cats into their forever homes (all while going through the shelter application background checks and paperwork). Finally, this spring I was able to take my two oldest children (8 and 5) and our rescue dog, along with my sister and her rescue, to Iowa State University where other BOB members (Ms. Long was working) held an awareness event for college students during finals week. I am proud to say that BOB is educating my students and my children, as well as myself, about the reality of puppy mills, but also about the impact an individual or small group can make when they have the right tools at their finger tips. I wish many of you had the opportunity to take a class with me on digital citizenship and how to behave in a public forum, because this could definitely go on my list of “non-examples”.

        Finally, WHO calling BOB a “group that helps animals” is hardly inaccurate.

        Thank you to ALL who work to help the animals.

  • Jean

    Wow, Mindi REALLY gets to you puppy millers doesn’t she! Great job Mindi, your work and education against puppy mills obviously is working!

    • WD

      Jean: Pretty presumptuous statement to assume one is a breeder just because they dislike another’s actions. So I’ll share my thoughts! And I’m NOT a breeder.

      Bailing Out Benji is the title of a blog…period. Mindi has on her website that she’s an organization, and she’s not. The public has the right to know that Mindi’s collection of money is NOT tax deductible (she is not a charity). Nor does she have a license to shelter, house, foster or rescue animals. Nor is she an “entity” of any kind (according to the Secretary of State). So what IS she?

      She’s a young woman who has a blog entitled Bailing Out Benji and often positions herself as an “expert” on puppy mills. Most of her articles are plagiarized from other sites, many who have been advocating for no puppy mills before she was born.

      If the public knows all this and still wants to throw money her way..fine…that’s not illegal, HOWEVER the public needs to understand that if she takes the money and runs…there is nothing they can do about it. While it’s the public’s responsibility to ASK those questions in the first place…some won’t because they are just too trusting. So I’ll be happy to use education to let the masses know exactly WHAT Mindi does (a person who writes on a blog) so they can at least make an informed choice. Hopefully they’ll change their minds and give to legitimate rescues and shelters (or other causes) that follow the proper filings to be legitimate so that the public can hold them accountable should they be deceitful or fraudulent.

      Mindi may not have any morals or values, but the kind donors usually do. I hate to see people duped by a child who preys upon the tender hearts and kindness of strangers to put herself in the spotlight. She seems to always want the attention…now she’s got it!

  • Notafan

    Interesting? how do you know what Ms Long has been doing? And what is your proof she is ‘ duping’ people? What does she need liscensed in to raise money and give it to rescues?

  • BNB

    Hi Jean: Bzzzzzzzzzzz…wrong! Not a breeder! Just NOT a Mindi fan. I know she has a few but I’m not one of those who are sucked into her shady facade as a mill advocate. Her perception of the truth is very misguided and her so called advocacy is not to educate the public about mill dogs, but rather to educate the public about herself. In doing WHAT, I haven’t figured that out yet…but I do know one thing she has done is make malicious attempts to discredit a lot of reputable shelters and rescues without any substance to back it up. She hides behind the title of her blog misleading the public (and apparently WHO TV) that she’s an “organization” or a “rescuer” of some sort. I’m educated enough to see through her disguise, but many aren’t. Her “topic of choice” goes right to the heart of many people and, IMO, she uses them to position herself as a hero or expert of some sort. Whatever works for her…she has to live with herself. I, on the other hand, support those who actually DO rescue animals and are legitimate organizations who don’t hide behind their name.

  • Knowsthetruth

    Mindi is a very moral person with one of the biggest hearts for animals that I have ever seen. Her focus is on education and stopping the demand for puppy mill dogs through education. She works 7 days a week for free for the animals who have no voice and gives all of her own money from her day job towards helping animals in need, she does a lot of things that have made a huge difference in the fight against puppy mills like the breeder whose dogs were just rescued (purchased) from the auction. Supporting Bailing out Benji’s efforts is still a legitimate way to help the situation here in Iowa. The people doing the attacking in this feed have their own person axe to grind. When dealing with animal lovers you will run into all kinds and find that many who fight for the animals do so because they prefer the companies of animals over people. Along the way Mindi and her young age have ruffled the feathers of a few older women who don’t like to be questioned. Including rescues who were ignorning deadly diseases in their own rescues and not getting the proper medical attention for those sick animals and rehoming animals that were infected even though it was against the code of how to deal with that disease. Because Bailing out Benji dared question this type of behavior she was blacklisted by this group of jealous women, but that just means she is doing something right, she is fighting for the animals and won’t allow even personal friendships to get in the way of doing what is best for the animals. I have been a supporter of Bailing out Benji and will continue to be, proudly.

    • WD

      So these “deadly diseases” in a rescue…Did Mindi report the rescue to the state so they could investigate it and get the problem corrected? What rescue(s) was it?

      Since Mindi is NOT licensed as a rescue, what did she contribute to the auction dogs? Did she fund the purchase of them?

      Her education efforts don’t appear to have any call to action other than demonstrations in front of pet stores. The photos she posts shows 4-8 people. I don’t see the crowds getting bigger so what difference is she making for the dogs that are being tortured in mills with her education? Hoping people don’t buy them?

      When you say “blacklisted” what does that mean? Blocked from Facebook?

      As far as her “rescue work”, let’s not get that confused with those who REALLY work in rescue. If she is rescuing without a license, she’s breaking the law. If she is assisting shelters and rescues through transports, networking, etc., then she’s a “volunteer” for them. It’s that simple and it’s one of the two!

      To call oneself a “rescuer” is a self inflated term she uses so that people think she does more than she does. I’d give my money to a REAL rescuer any day! They are the ones that work 7 days a week for the animals. They thanklessly spend hours of time (and worry) on the intake and disposition of the animals, LEGALLY, with the proper health records attached. A legitimate rescue/shelter’s animals are seen by the public. Where’s Mindi’s? In private messages on Facebook? You probably don’t know the REAL rescues of our community because they are not on Facebook singing their own praises for the work others do! They are too busy physically handling the animals, or screening applicants or networking to get the animal permanently placed safely!

      Let’s be honest about it. The masses today “like” a facebook page because it “feels good” and that’s about as far as the “following” goes..but then fools follow fools! Follow away!

      • Canine Friend

        That comment someone made about 3 Rescues was being corrected and now it’s moved into diseases, green eyed monsters, old women and jealousy? How immature which may be why you consider others older (and wiser)?
        All your comments about others are gossip or assumptions which is why few real Rescues will work with these types of people, and instead of calling out others which is where that was headed, you showed your “friend” Mindi’s true colors and those who support her so called mission to save lives.
        As you are either living under her roof or following her everywhere is your comments about what she is doing is true.

    • Canine Friend

      Jealous? What are the “old” ladies jealous of Mindi for? What could it be? Remember with age comes wisdom.
      Your comments made as fact about Rescues and diseases is pretty slanderous to the Rescues and even the Puppy mills and those breeders don’t play nice, remember they don’t appear to have a conscience or they wouldn’t treat dogs like they do. Be very careful when you start REPEATING highly toxic things.
      If Long is gossiping to you and others about Rescues personal business with the dogs they save and care for, information that she would have no inside knowledge of, that can cost dogs their lives and Rescues a lot of money and get a slander suit filed against her and anyone else who makes those claims or receive yet another cease and desist letter.
      That is the exact opposite of what she piles on her facebook page. Kindness, “peaceful” protest, honesty, education, everyone working together (why isn’t she working with the leader in this mission IVCA?). Your comments are anything but and instead sound like your speaking for someone running for office.

      • Canine Friend

        @Knowitall I will continue to address your reckless postings.
        If Mindi is truly concerned about their welfare maybe she should cough up some of her own money to get them checked out as JJ’s has a history of big problems including disease issue concerns. You and Mindi may have opened up yet another can of worms for the real Rescues who did go in and get dogs out and are taking responsibility for them.
        If you want to stay away from disease issues you need to stay away from large scale breeders and puppy mills, so not sure why Long is encouraging and begging people to attend puppy mill auctions, asking for money and is buying dogs if that is such a concern of hers.
        You are bringing it up here like it is fact that dogs had diseases and Rescues covered it up and handed off dogs with known diseases. Your timing sure sounds like a vindictive move and to try and take the focus off what started this, which was someone praising the THREE “Rescues” who went in and saved dogs. It’s high time someone said something about this facade that’s gone on to long.
        Instead you and others that support this farce are again throwing Rescues and dogs under the Bailing Out Benji bus.
        And you are also giving Mindi aka Bailing Out Benji a facebook page the credit for people going to the auction, that is ridiculous. People and Rescues have been attending these auctions for years. And the Bailing out Benji page is what a year old? It’s too bad she can’t give credit to those who came before her and in this work right now. Without IVCA and other Puppy Mill proponents like No Puppy, CAPS, and so many more, there would be no Bailing out Benji.
        Support IVCA and CAPS if you really want to help stop Puppy Mills and learn from the long time active organizations.

      • Knowsthetruth

        Everytime I hear any of you bashing Ms Long, all I hear is the Brady Bunch,” Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!! ” Jealous much? Recognize though her efforts may not be the exact same efforts as yours, her work is still making a difference and MOVE ON, the only ones you’re hurting by creating drama like this is the animals you want to protect. Let it go.

    • Canine Friend

      In this posting knowitall you again go after people you have probably never met, know nothing directly about and gotten way of the subject of what possessed you to post such outrageous comments and claims. Several people corrected a post and stated a fact, not a guess, not a opinion, a fact that Bailing out Benji is not a non profit, not an org. not a Rescue. It is a facebook page and there is nothing wrong with that, it is wrong to portray yourself as any of the other three and questionable to be taking money from people, but if they want to give it to her, fine, and others can also have an opinion on a very expensive bus ad that is made public that she uses others money for and then asks for money to supposedly get unknown dogs medical care.
      It makes me nervous to hand off money for unknown animals supposedly not in that person’s possession unless I know them pretty well and you don’t know people solely from a facebook page and there are lots of people out there asking for money in the name of animals that are not who they say they are.
      That comment someone made about 3 Rescues being at the auction and caring for the dogs was being corrected and now it’s moved into diseases, green eyed monsters, old women and jealousy? How immature which may be why you consider others older (and wiser)?

  • RJ Droll

    If the only reason you’re donating money is to get a possible tax write-off, you’re missing the point. If the The woman behind bailing out Benji uses the money to help dogs in need, good for her. Shame on people who only help if they can get something in return.

    And to the clearly confused person who wonders why rescues buy dogs from breeders/ puppy mills? It’s to save their lives…to give them real lives and love with families who care…shouldn’t that be obvious???

  • WB89

    RJ DROLL: Why would you think the only reason I’d give money is for a tax write off? Bad assumption! I simply said that I THOUGHT it was a deductible donation! Based on how she presents herself, you’d think she’s a non profit rescuer with a large following who is detrimental in closing down commercial breeders. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    If she actually worked as much as she types about it…then there might really be change in Iowa. Don’t insult those in rescue who actually do the work for mill dogs! You wouldn’t know them because they don’t spend very much time online talking about themselves! I recommend to the readers that you support Iowa Voters for Companion Animals. The mission of that group is to change legislation so that Commercial Breeding is more regulated so that dogs do not suffer. Google them. They are a LEGITIMATE group…making change, not just talking about it!

  • BLS74

    I’m a supporter of Bailing Out Benji on facebook and I’m proud of it! I’m not one who can afford to donate, but I share the posts and such. What Mindi does to educate people on puppy mills is very brave and this kind of bashing and judgmental BS proves it. It’s about the animals people let’s not forget that!

  • Knowsthetruth

    I hope all of this ridiculous drama brought on by those that need to be “top dog” won’t discourage reporters from WHO from continuing to expose the cruel and ugly world of Puppy Mills in Iowa. Thanks to your help WHO there is one less place in Iowa where dogs are being bred to death for profit. Please don’t let banter like this deter you from the great work you are doing in getting the word out about mills and the poor defenseless animals that are stuck in them. The dogs need a tv station like yours to care, they need all the help they can get.

  • RJ Droll

    If legislation was passed, signed, and enacted RIGHT NOW that put mills out of business…if they had to shut down this very second, what would happen to the dogs? Where would they go?


    Whether you’re Amy Heinz, Bailing out Benji, a lobbying group, or people who cross post on Facebook and donate what they can, there are many roles to play in this problem. Sorry you didn’t get your tax write-off. Oh, wait…no I’m not.

  • BatDogMom

    First off, I witnessed Mindi physically in both the group who departed to the auction and in the group that arrived back from the auction. She most certainly did help with these dogs. Also, Bailing out Benji is an education and advocacy organization. It IS an organization because it is a group of people for the same cause. It does not have to be a charity to be called an organization. It is about educating the general public about the horrors of puppy mills and the truths about dogs sold from puppy mills. If WHO called BOB a rescue, that is THEIR fault, not Mindi’s. Some of you people need to get over yourselves and get a life.

  • concerned citizen

    First off, do not bust noses of those people who are humane! There not in this to make money, or a tax write off! If you eant tax right off did you know puppymills can file as a farm,/ business taxes and get refunds off losses and for equipment? I have been inthese puppy mills for several years as a child with my dad! Disgust is seeing a puppymill that has large dogs such as a rottweiler on the bottom and yorkies and smaller breeds on top and seeing a rottweiler take a leg of that dog and grab it through the wire bottom cage! How about the eight puppies we chopped out of ice while all the other dogs were frozen! I spoke to the lady from bailing out Benji about a serious problem of a 150 dogs left in cages, all over the house a hoarding situation/puppymill! I can tell you this those dogs had no socialization to people puppies were bornin wire cages!

  • Stephani

    I find it somewhat humorous that people who are banding Mindi’s name about are posting under anonymous user names. Enough is enough. It is clear, you have a bone to pick. Your arguments hold no weight useless you have the guts to put your own name on it.

    • Canine Friend

      I don’t see anything humorous about this important issue, animal neglect, cruelty and Rescues who go in and help them on their way. Nor do I find anything humorous about claims that can get dogs killed out of fear and cause hysteria and hurt the Rescues especially when they are false claims (and if they’re not you better have proof). I really hope Rescues recognize who is really on the dogs side and who is on their own side. Ugly gossip has NO place in the work of Pet Rescue and if you’re going to gossip with another you may want to make sure it isn’t someone who puts it on a public page.
      If I had little respect for Bailing Out Benji (since they say it’s a group) before it has dropped even more. Lot’s of negative goes on behind the scenes when no one is looking with some of these people. So, to make a comment about names not being posted, why would people after what they have read above being said, if you’d hurt the animals you’d sure hurt people too who get in the way of yours or someone else’s self promoting mission.

  • BNB

    Ms. Long can post information about the operations of others and it’s called “education”. But when someone posts a comment on the news station’s forum to inform them of an error both in print and on the air, it’s called “bashing”? Nonsense!

    The media made an error and people corrected it. That’s not bashing…that’s called informing! Education works both ways. Fact: BOB is NOT a rescue! The media has the responsibility to report the news accurately and make a correction if they made an error. Has Ms. Long corrected the reported error to WHO TV? Why doesn’t she correct the error herself on this forum?

    As for the use of the word: “organization”, posing as one doesn’t make you one. FACT: BOB is the TITLE of a blog. An organization is an entity of some sort. She isn’t registered, incorporated, licensed as a business or charity or any other substantial entity, so how is that an “organization”? A “group” of people sharing photos and discussing puppy mills on FB doth not an organization make! And challenging the use of the word is not bashing…it’s educating!

    I support education and awareness campaigns but only those with set goals and plans on how to reach those goals. With BOB I have to ask…once the “education” is out there, then what? A billboard? Why ANYONE would give money to someone who is promoting her blog baffles me. Those reading this probably drove by a billboard somewhere today. Can you tell me what was on that billboard and who it was for? I bet you can’t. Hardly educational or even less effective, right? Questioning the motive of someone asking for a large sum of money advertising something that doesn’t exist is not bashing…it’s inquisitive! (And smart!)

    I support Iowa Voters for Companion Animals because they provide education, awareness and have actually affected change through legislation. Changing laws takes time, money and hard work. If you want to “feel good” about doing something for animals, then sign up and answer their “calls to action”. It’s effortless and effective and can bring forth far more substantial change than education with no plan will. And talking about a legitimate organization that is successful in what they do is not bashing someone else…it’s promoting.

    If people want to help animals, fine. Feel with your heart but THINK with your HEAD! Support that goes to state licensed rescues/shelters will benefit the animals directly and provide the opportunity to try and make change to legislation that has a far greater impact to the problem than a billboard that advertises a blog will have. And offering viable alternatives to helping animals over an individual promoting herself is not bashing…it’s awareness.

    If the error would never have been made, and if WHO TV or Ms. Long would correct it…then there would be no need to bring education and awareness forth about BOB not being a rescue. Again…education goes two ways.

    So, don’t confuse “bashing” with “informing”, “educating”, “inquiring”, “promoting” or “awareness”.

    Ms. Long is a wolf in sheep’s clothing! And that’s not bashing either…it’s just an opinion!

      • Stephani

        Who am I? I’m the one pointing out to everyone who might be reading these posts that it’s pretty hypocritical to talk about other people while hiding who they are. I want them to question the validity of people who talk about “truth” and “transparency” while being too scared to say who they really are. And I will continue to ask, “who are you?”

  • AnimalYou

    This entire thread is RIDICULOUS. I have a feeling I know who a couple of you are by the way you speak about Mrs Long, as you’ve done it for awhile now. I will agree with the ‘ old ladies’ in rescue being jealous because Ive heard their petty comments before about Mrs Long, and her age and lack of experience. Shame on half of you for this horrific gossip about her and BOB. So what its not a licensed rescue. Is she taking dogs home? Is she ‘adopting’ any out? She is doing nothing illegal NOR claiming herself to be a rescue. She has shared plenty of information wether it is facts from other organizations, or things she has learned on her own. I don’t give a rats A if there are 4 people on a protest or 40. At least she is doing it, and saving lives and educating people. All some of you REAL RESCUES can do is beg for money because poor you, rescue takes so much work and time and money you don’t have. While that is very true, you come across so pathetic in what your doing, instead of savior like. Don’t expect praises for what you do. Don’t bring up how long you’ve done it, how experienced you are. Just do the job you have spent your life doing. Once you started that is, at what age? Possibly 22? 23? 25? You had to start at some point. Stop being so angry at another person is helping others be it animals or humans, in the fight against puppy mills, cruelty, pet stores or whatever it may be. It doesn’t effect you in the slightest. She has a barrage of followers who do trust her, believe her, see her work, join her, and know the size of heart for animals. Why do you discourage that? She has raised so much money to help educate against the awful world of puppy mills, and Id give her more if I could. Many dogs HAVE been saved due to her effort and many more will be, as jealous hags wont stop her. Perhaps you are angry because YOUR site isn’t blasted all over hers, or she doesn’t preach your name and rules. Get over it, and focus on the issue at hand, not people who happen to NOT be in YOUR circle.

  • AnimalYou

    BNB, your comment “I support education and awareness campaigns but only those with set goals and plans on how to reach those goals. With BOB I have to ask…once the “education” is out there, then what? A billboard? Why ANYONE would give money to someone who is promoting her blog baffles me. Those reading this probably drove by a billboard somewhere today.” really? So you don’t support the fact that BOB raised money for a billboard bus ad, that drives ALL OVER AMES and is seen daily, because there is no future plan after that? How about the goal to purchase another one, and another one? To show more and more people every day? That money was raise as a goal for that bus billboard, and guess what? Goal accomplished! Its there! Its not there to promote BOB its there to promote NOT buying dogs from breeders, and to promote the atrocious puppy mill dogs producing pet store puppies. How about the goal of raising money at auction time? Another goal accomplished! Money raised, dogs saved! next step, reaching MORE people to inform them of decisions on animal adopting, rather than purchasing. Therefore having more people aware of the cause, and donating to save future mill dogs at auction.

    Another of your comments “I support Iowa Voters for Companion Animals because they provide education, awareness and have actually affected change through legislation.” While I support IVCA as well, I don’t bleed ‘their’ rules. Providing education and awareness starts somewhere. They are just as educational as BOB. Its just done in a different way. That doesn’t make them right and her wrong. They are both right. BOB has provided education, brought forth awareness, AND have actually affected change. It may not be thru legislation, but maybe with her education she has prompted people to join the puppy mill movement, and forwarded them onto IVCA. BOB has changed peoples minds, and opened their knowledge to the world of puppy mills. How do you know the last 20 people to visit IVCA or sign petitions or documents didn’t do so because what they learned from BOB?

    • BNB

      NO, I do not support the purchase of a billboard that promotes a fictitious organization. 3 signs for 1 year will reach about 10% of the Ames Population but what exactly does the ad accomplish? Obviously, Ms. Long knows nothing about advertising. It would be interesting to see some the concrete stats on the direct impact the ad had for Ms. Long’s so called educational efforts. I doubt it’s much, if any…so not very effective if you ask me. She’s missing one key element in her efforts. Perhaps a business course would help her get on the right track.

      YES, it IS self promotion. BOB is the title of something not an entity. People aren’t calling BOB, they are calling Ms. Long. You can’t call a blog. It’s really not that hard of a concept to grasp if you have any business sense and aren’t turning a blind eye just because you “like” Ms. Long or the subject she talks about. If Ms. long can afford an $1,800 dollar billboard then she can afford to become a legitimate organization. You have to wonder why she doesn’t just do that.

      “Doing great things” is a matter of opinion. Advocacy is only successful when it makes change. You asked, so I’ll answer.

      If a person’s advocacy is burning bridges of those organizations who actually rescue, house, and cover expenses of mill dogs than I’d say that’s not “doing great things.” Ms. Long’s history is to target something or someone, write about them on her blog, then disappear when confronted by the organization to produce facts to support her allegations. I don’t give my support to someone who has a difference of opinion, poses it at fact, then can’t back it up when challenged. To me, that’s not an advocate…that’s a trouble maker.

      I’ve done my research on Ms. Long. The only growth Ms. Long has made are more “likes” on Facebook. Until Ms. Long can be forthright about her mission and start to operate legally and ethically, I can’t and won’t support her in any capacity. I don’t spend my time on her, until of course she lands in the media’s eye incorrectly. Ms. Long has the chance to “educate” the public and WHO TV that they misspoke when calling her a rescue. Please let me know when she does that!

      In the meantime, the focus needs to return to those who took the mill dogs and are making a difference for them. Raising money to purchase dogs from an auction may give them a chance at a better life, but it’s the rescues who will endure the process and expense of doing that! Ms. Long was a donor to a fundraiser. Too bad there isn’t a list of ALL the donors who helped make that happen for WHO TV to list.

  • Knowsthetruth

    How sad that you can not support more than one organization, group, person, website, blog, rescue etc at a time. I support all who are doing the work of protecting the animals and know that it will take an army of devoted caring people to change things. I have a huge issue with how much infighting has been going on among those who all have the same mission. I have walked away from several of the people who are perpetuating this type of drama over who is doing the most for the animals and who is more important than everyone else. EVERY EFFORT IS IMPORTANT. Bailing out Benji does great things, IVCA does great things, many organizations, rescues, blogs, groups, individuals do great things. It all helps further the mission. And isn’t that what is REALLY important? Until the fighting stops the efforts to help the animals are going to be twice as hard because of all the slander, judgement, negativity and wasted energy being thrown around. Every group that has even the smallest part of the awareness and change that happens is important, even if it isn’t the way “we” think is most important. There is a lot of work to be done, All the work can all be done a lot faster if nonsense like this doesn’t keep happening. Recognize that just because someone is doing things differently doesn’t mean they aren’t doing something valuable. Keep up the great work EVERYONE, one less group of dogs in the puppy mills should be something to celebrate and then move on, there is more work to be done.

    • Connie

      Agreed and it’s to bad you did not share this as your comment in the first place instead of what you chose to say which was far from what you now state, in fact it doesn’t even sound like the same person commenting, but either or I agree. Don’t sabatoge the hands on work that others are doing as those handling the dogs have a very hard job, one of the hardest in this mission to do and far too many who haven’t done this work have interferred for the wrong reasons and only hurt the dogs they claim to be fighting for. Word to the wise.
      Be who you really are, be honest about what you are doing. And maybe you won’t see such a thread of comments.

  • Melissa

    Bailing Out Benji is more than just Mindi. Agape Fosters when will you figure that out? You can have a personal beef with her but when you attack BOB you are attacking all of us. It’s my paypal account we accept donations to, would you like to say something about me and what I do with the money? No, your feeling got hurt that Mindi stood up to you and now you will go to every outlet to say she’s not anything more than a blog. If I were looking to rescue a dog, it wouldn’t come from a person as negative as you are who writes that people who educate about puppy mills are scams. We are an organization. I say WE because you keep bringing up only Mindi’s name and forget about the other 6,000 people who like and support BOB. Those of us who are out there educating all the time about puppy mills. The reason that puppy mills will end will be when all people know what they are and will stop buying from pet stores. Everyone has their part in this, in helping the animals, but right now your part seems to be to dismiss everyone who isn’t a rescue, which I think that qualifies your group of supporters in the pink shirts, should we call their efforts into question? They only sell t-shirts and walk in parades and EDUCATE but I guess that’s not worth their while. If you don’t like what others are doing, don’t support them and mind your own business.

    • Connie

      Why are you calling out someone not in the story and again you have no basis for your comments except what you have been told by another or what you assume.
      You are the same person who called out specific animal advocates, “old ladies” over a fund raiser which caused a lot of drama and led to a cease and desist letter being sent to your leader.
      You work with children Melissa yet you behave catty and unprofessional, maybe your employer needs to know what you are doing as you are a poor example of class and character.

      Watch who you defend, you may be the next person thrown under the BOB bus.
      Maybe you do need to be looked into as a Pay Pall account. If all this money is coming in like one comment stated why not have a 501? I don’t have the time.
      Not that it makes it fully reputable but it’s a start.
      You want to go along with the nonsense that takes place when no one is looking with Mindi (and maybe you too) and it does, that is a choice, keep others out of it.
      The comment made that sent her fans into a frenzy was, she is not a Rescue, stick to that or go cash in the donated money and use it to promote a person. And leave others out of it that are not even a part of this story. All you people are doing is fanning the flames of what appears a deceptive “organization” if that is what you want to call it. And digging a hole for your own cause.
      No one is jealous of Mindi, no one I am aware of and I won’t go into all the reasons as to why few will work with her that really are doing this Rescue work and I don’t mean her having a table at an event or loading up auction dogs I mean allowing her into their professional/charitable business because that would be being catty but it is pretty obvious why. My point was she is not a Rescue and she has portrayed that for a long time and puts down those who are and creates drama, that’s wrong and only waste time and hurts the animals.
      Some of you on here took it to a whole other level and have said outlandish things which seems to be your camps MO. Move on and grow up and don’t you have some money to count, maybe you can use some of that to check dogs for diseases, wow is all I can say about these comments.
      Some of us have animals to care for and bills to pay. This whole situation right from the start of the article is over the top.

    • BNB

      Melissa: THANK YOU. Your comment just publicly validated everything I have been saying and hopefully people will realize that Ms. Long, BOB and her followers are nothing more than a handful of individuals talking about puppy mills for self promotion and, IMO, a bit shady in the way they do it.

      1) 6,000 “LIKES” does not mean you are an “organization”. I have no doubt that people follow the BOB FB page, but do doubt there is any evidence to prove that all 6,000 are directly involved with Ms. Long’s group.

      2) Speculating I am “Agape Fosters” also validates my point that Ms. Long (and followers) publicly gossip in an attempt to hurt someone’s credibility! As far as the “pink shirts”, I do have the color “Pink” in my wardrobe, but highly doubt that I’m who you are talking about. I can say truthfully I am not affiliated with Agape Fosters, nor am I affiliated with the pink shirts, although I’m not sure what that means. You assumptions are just malicious attempts to discredit a legitimate organization that has nothing to do with this story. Shameful.

      3) And finally the confirmation that money given to Ms. Long’s cause CAN not go to BOB, but instead goes into yet a third individual’s paypal account is despicable? How shady are you people? Unbelievable!

      It’s shameful to prey upon the lost sheep in this world, who want nothing more than to help an animals in need. As I said before, Ms. Long is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And sadly so are some of her followers!

      I encourage people to compare Ms. Long’s track record to Iowa Voters For Companion Animals. I think it’s obvious who is doing a better and more effective job for the animals!

  • RJ Droll

    I wish I knew the names of the rescues these people who have nothing better to do than spew bile supported…I’d like to know who NOT to cut checks to.

    • BNB

      RJ: LOL…I’m assuming by the use of the word “bile” you mean anger or irritability? Please don’t mistake my comments as angry or irritable. I believe people have the right to know the truth. My comments have been nothing more than correcting the media about BOB’s status in the community. I could care less about her personally, she is not a species I care to know, but I care about the misrepresentations she gives about herself and others for self promotion. If you can’t see that or accept that, then you must condone it. Not someone I care to know, either! There are people in this world that have brains and class!

      • Stephani

        Sadly, RJ we will probably never who these bile spewer’s are. They profess to “want people to know the truth” while hiding who THEY are!! I think that that’s not just hypocritical, it’s down right cowardly!!

  • Connie

    The people with “pink shirts” (how catty) are not attempting to be anything they are not, that’s why there are no issues with them that I am aware of. Educating is great and I believe can help. Running people off of a protest yet saying you want people involved and are hurt more aren’t is not cool and hypocritical, saying something on facebook does not make it so.
    Mindi is not a victim, others have been made victims though including dogs by her choices.
    I love those pink shirt “old ladies” and their mission, they walk their talk with their time and money.
    I supported the protest that some women not Mindi started and showed up one time, but myself and others appear to have dropped out because of drama and feeling disrespected while also feeling the cause was being made into a person not the dogs, as I see none of those people in any pictures anymore except for one, Mindi. Can they all be wrong and jealous?

    There are far deeper issues here then anyone will know as most have not been deeply and directly affected by a few who have been very malicious with words and actions and hurt those who are actually caring for the dogs which also hurts the dogs. I have 0 respect for that. Unless you have directly been affected by a persons actions, or been to a Rescue and seen for yourself what they do regularly, you are a trouble maker and you are not in it for the dogs and no reputable org will work with that.

    • Knowsthetruth

      Threatening to contact someone’s employers because you don’t like that they support the mission of BOB? Wow, you are even more spiteful than I gave you credit for. Shame on you.

    • Connie

      Did you read Melissas comment? She is publicly outing a respected, licensed, 501 C org who has helped thousands of animals, with no basis and who isn’t even mentioned in the article just more of the same that goes on with these people. That’s OK with you?
      You just made a comment I agreed with and then you flip flopped. Practice what you all preach or you are as phony as what got this started in the first place.

      • BNB

        Laughable, because she is 100% wrong! Which proves the point of how despicable these young ladies can be. I hope the public starts thinking with their heads. And WHO TV is a much better news station than to feature such shady individuals. I hope they remove the links to Bailing Out Benji soon, or at least contact those of us concerned and get some more facts!

  • ameow

    Why can’t anyone stick to the story? The fact is that BOB is NOT an organization, rescue, 501(c)3 or any kind of registered group. The whole point was to clear that up so the public knows who and what they are donating to. If they choose to donate to a blog, that is their choice as long as they are aware the money is going to an individual, not animals, and is not tax deductible. That is what started this off. Not gossip, bashing, name calling and innuendo. Calling out people when you have no idea what you are talking about could well lead to a lawsuit. And just a little FYI, 6000 followers or likes on a face book page does not constitute an organization….that makes you sheep.

    • Knowsthetruth

      If they chose to donate to Bailing Out Benji -an organization that is not 501 C 3- they can do so knowing that they won’t get a tax deduction from it, BUT they will be supporting a group of animal rights advocates that host educational events to promote puppy mill awareness both locally, out of town and at the college campuses, they promote peaceful activiites to generate attention for the animals stuck in cages. they work tirelessly to help get the word out there on how horrific puppy mills are. The group has done a lot of really hard work and have seen great success with their efforts including being featured in a movie exposing puppy millls, they have done all of this through means like advertising geared at generating attention for puppy mill animals, even if it is just one bus, it is a start, through peaceful educational protests, community fairs and events, through blogs, through networking, through facebook, through the website, etc. As you can see while you might not think the work they are doing is “real work” like yours, they are just as busy, just coming at it from a different angle, and all that means is more people get educated, and less animals have to suffer. Instead of berating the 6,000 likes, and calling people sheep, acknowledge that the page has a presence and a large audience to speak to. That might not seem like an important fact to you, but it is very valuable and not obtained easily. The page puts out excellent and resourceful information and provides a valuable service to the animals they are fighting to protect. All while not being a 501 c 3. Oh my.

      • WRD

        Having an IRS non profit tax status means you’re not afraid to be held accountable for the money you receive. Ms. Long has posted for a couple of years now her 501c3 is “in the works”. How long does it take to get? Certainly, not 2 years or more if you are serious about making change.

      • SD Miller

        I don’t have a problem sharing my name but PLEASE understand this is my opinion and I am posting as myself, and individual, not the organization I work with. I am not the only volunteer in my organization and I will not speak for them. So, that being said, the following post is from me, personally.

        This is why I have a problem with people that are not “legitimate” organizations. I manage a non-profit that I believe has been mistaken for the Animal Recovery Forum that has been “called out” as a scam across the nation recently. I’ve been hearing about it for over a year and as they use the same acronym, most people thought it was the organization I devote 20+ hours to every week. It was mentioned again to me this year by a supporter. We do an annual event that involves candy and fundraising. A local business that supports us and has for a few years now, asked me about selling candy in other stores. I listed the other locations but this was one that we were not working with. She also had a customer ask about our organization and mentioned the she worked with the main volunteer (I am the main volunteer) and gave me the name. We don’t even have a volunteer with that name. Honestly, it was a little concerning but I searched the IRS Charity Search and the Iowa Secretary of State site for organizations (Business, charity, group, etc.) and came up empty. I just “chalked it up” to them getting our name wrong or they were confused about all the groups in the area. We’ve heard similar comments I think for at least a year, if not two.

        About a month ago a friend called me very concerned about a story airing on a local news channel. The coverage showed a donation box with our acronym with the BBB stating this organization was a scam. Needless to say, I was deeply concerned because all of our volunteers work tirelessly to make a difference in animal welfare. Our board immediately issued a press release to the news organization to let the community know that we were legitimate and have been for five years. The news did a feature on us but again today this donation box was on TV.

        To be an “organization” you do need to file with several entities depending upon the type of organization you claim to be. It is not difficult to file and only took us a few months to get our 501c3. My point is, we feel this group has not only harmed our organization but all the non-profits in the area. While not everyone wants a write off (and it is NOT a bad thing to want this) people do want to know how their money is being used. No one likes to feel like they have been taken advantage of or to feel foolish because they trusted something they thought was honest and good.

        I really don’t care what BOB does but if they are not willing to go through the proper channels they should not represent themselves as a group. Why not state they are group of individuals that care about the plight of puppy mill dogs. Additionally, there are concerns about her taking donations; not for me as it has no impact on my organization. BOB donors obviously feel passionate about puppy mills and that is what they choose to support. We’re not working with puppy mill legislation because Mary L. is doing that and I see no need to duplicate her efforts. Also, I really have NO desire to spend a lot of time around politicians or be involved in the legislative process as I am sure it would drive me to drink. Every group has it’s mission and I think people are frustrated because as people misrepresent themselves (in the case of this Animal Recovery Forum) it does hurt us all. Many groups exist only through the generosity of donors because they have no time to write for grants as they work full-time jobs then spend several hours a day after work caring for animals. Many that feel duped with donations may not ever donate again. I had this happen to me a few years ago. I was fostering badly injured kittens for a licensed rescue group and were working with Petco for a special “round-up” event as the cost of the kittens care was expected to be well over $1,000. Petco put up posters of the kittens at all their registers asking customers to “round up” to help the kittens. I was at the register when they asked me. Since I was fostering the kittens I told them of course I would give. The lady in line behind me immediately questioned me. She told me that she quit giving donations to animal causes because she found out that a photo she had seen was a scam and she had been “tricked” (her words) into giving them a fair amount of money. She asked me about the kittens and specifically how I could know it was “real” and not someone being dishonest. I smiled and told her I felt good about it because these kittens were in my home and I was directly involved with their veterinary care. She asked me a bunch of questions I was able to answer and she did seem to feel a little better about the situation. She thanked me and I left. I do not know if she made a donation as I left with my purchase.

        Also, any individual accepting money might want to check with their accountant because in MANY cases this would be considered personal income in which they would have to pay taxes. Not paying taxes commensurate with your income often gets people into a sticky situation with the IRS.

      • SD Miller

        Also, I am not a breeder nor am I a mean “old” lady with a pink shirt. Just trying to give some perspective to the conversaton with a similar situation.

    • WRD

      Because the ACTS of this Drama are never ending. The leading character can’t make up her mind who she is …Queen of the Pups, The Crying Game or the Invisible Woman! It’s always one of the three.

  • Connie

    I don’t have time to read all of this so just agreeing on comments I have time to read not saying I don’t agree with some comments AS I haven’t read them just don’t have the time. And this will probably be my last comment.

    I agree on most of this too that Canine Friend states, this is just unbelievable, and I should have read about why would you give your name before I did with all the small talk lashed at others that have nothing to do with the point being made which again as it keeps getting lost in things that have nothing to do with the article. Bailing Out Benji is a facebook page. There are “young and older” women and kudos to some of them who protest and are at tables to share information, great.
    NO last names are mentioned so who really knows who people are anyway unless you dig a little like I did with melissa due to her calling out a real Rescue who works hands on with animals and was shocked to hear she works with children and has now again brought up others maliciously and publicly according to them and I have seen it myself in her comments she has made. And if you are held accountable for that, that is your own fault.
    This is about a story of 2 licensed Rescues and a bunch of volunteers and only one was mentioned, (no surprise) (God Bless the others who do this work humbly) who went to an auction, it was not reported correctly and instead of Mindi correcting it, she had them put her info out to send money to her. Some people don’t agree with that and have a right to speak about it as it is in the story. She created all the trouble she appears to be getting because of this and again has made herself a victim and others enable this. Nice work, you not only are ticking off the Puppymill owners, and who cares about that but you are ticking off and alienating yourselves from those who take on the Mill dogs and other homeless pets and really do save them and give up a lot of their life 7 days a week, 365 days a year to care for them. Very ungrateful and disrespectful of you as if they give up and walk away from hands on work with the dogs and cats, then what are you who only pass on animals for others to care for going to do? Think about that. Driving out those who do the most hands on work will be real counter productive to your so called mission which you say is to save dogs that you don’t care for in numbers if at all. Because if you do, you need to be licensed like was said above, or you need to be a real volunteer for a real organization that is licensed in Animal Welfare. That’s a fact so either do it and or start doing what Rescues do or quit complaining about them and bringing them into you drama.
    Are you trying to run them off to like the protesters?

  • sheli

    This whole thing irritates me.
    I was taught that giving should always hurt a little or you’re not doing it correctly. Also never give if you expect something in return. That includes publicity, tax write off or a simple pat on the back. If you do expect something is not a gift but some creepy kind of exchange.
    A 501 c 3 costs thousands of dollars to file.
    So unless you give selflessly your time, your heart, your money, your opinion is just that. An opinion.
    So instead of hiding behind your initials or fairly anonymous handles and reacting verbally to someone elses’ actions, go volunteer. Put yourself out there. See it, feel it, SMELL the death and disease. Be proactive, not reactive.

    • WRD

      Sheli: I don’t think it costs “thousands” to file. Check your sources. It’s about $750 dollars and $100 to be a business. There is information on the net. Ms. Long has had that much raised more than once and could have easily been an established entity by now. She chose NOT to. People have asked her about it. When you are a sham, you eventually get caught. Sorry, but it’s true!

      • sheli

        My source is a tax professional. As a volunteer committee I am active on weigh the pros and cons of spending money on getting one every year. As big corporations won’t give unless it is tax deductible.
        Hence the annual discussion.

    • SD Miller

      I filed for my non-profit and it was only $350. Since we filed it went up $50 and the filing fee is now $400. We received our tax-exempt status a few months later. The hardest part was finding the time to sit down to complete the paperwork.

  • Chazz

    I met Ms. Long at a convention a few months back. I didn’t know that “puppy mills” were even a thing that existed. She took time to explain to me what puppy mills were all about. She told me that she educates, transports, and volunteers with puppies. I was at her Bailing Out Benji tent. She informed me that it wasn’t a 501c3, and any money raised went back to awareness and educating. She didn’t ask for money. I asked if I could support her cause. Even after everyone’s comments, I do not feel as though I was misinformed. Before meeting her, I was looking for dogs off of breeder websites. After our lengthy conversation, I started looking at the ARL, AHeinz57, and other rescues. I found my rescue finally and didn’t support a puppy mill. Hopefully the money I gave to her will help her bring more awareness so other people like me will “adopt and not shop.” I appreciate meeting Ms. Long, and am grateful everyday for my rescue.

  • Lisa Snodgrass

    How about instead of bitching on this thread, take your concerns to WHO about reporting incorrect information. You guys are idiots for bringing personal names into the situation and you know absolutely nothing about the whole situation. Everyone is always so wiling and ready to throw names around of people you don’t even know. It’s sickening. Grow a set, get a life and put that energy to good.

    No dog should EVER have to breed constantly while being in a cage it’s whole life. It’s unethical. No law would ever convince me other wise. Rescues are out there because this happens. Plain and simple!!

    Research your breeder or adopt from a shelter!! It’s just that simple!!

    Thank you BOB for all that you do to bring awareness to the public. You educate so many people that know nothing about puppy mills and the conditions those babies have to live in.

  • BNB

    I have asked both WHO TV and Ms. Long to make the correction. Neither have done that! What a missed opportunity by Ms. Long to set the record straight about herself, BOB and promote to the masses of what she professes to love to do..

    A recent post by Ms. Long again, cries foul! Reviewing the comments I don’t see how Ms. Long could feel “threatened”, “bullied” or where “accusations” have been made about her or her practices. I hope people have remained professional when seeking answers to their questions on whatever forums or social media they are asking them. Either way people voicing their opinions and challenging others isn’t a crime!

    I guess it doesn’t matter as she just announced she’s resigning from Bailing Out Benji!

    Not sure how one can “resign” from herself but I wish her the best.

    Unfortunately the world of animal welfare is tough. The day to day cruelty, abuse and numbers can wear people down and they can easily feel defeated. Ms. Long won’t be the first person to quit animal welfare, nor will she be the last. I’m hoping she’ll remain a pet owner. And for that I am grateful.

    • Canine Friend

      That’s a wrap, close the curtain, shut off the lights and learn a lesson or two. Which is, those who sneak around and hurt others while promoting themselves are far more transparent then they think.
      And you shouldn’t believe everything you read on a facebook page that is basically a copy and paste page of others hard work and information, so they should get the credit not the person posting it.
      This is a perfect example of what goes around comes around and no one had to do it for these people, they did it all on their own.
      I did see that the bus Ad will still go on, (no shock) along with the dramatics, quitting, not quitting and the saga continues, always drama and victim behavior, always everyone else’s fault.
      Which only goes to show that Mindi took money to promote herself as some people say and left those with the big Vet bills hanging who have the dogs she wanted them to buy, she pushed for people to attend the auction and buy lots of dogs, didn’t matter who ended up with them, just bring in the media and cameras and show that part and then people disappear and leave a select few to figure it out with these dogs who need to be with people who understand Mill dog behavior and kept safely contained. He sure got some poor advice from the “experts”.
      Maybe she can help catch a poor Mill dog that she encouraged this person to buy and buy many he did and trusted her judgement. A novice new in Rescue and totally unaware of what you do with these Mill dogs after you “save” them and now the dog is loose a second time scared to death.
      Maybe she would like to explain that in the newspaper with a picture to boot and I haven’t seen this on BOB. This is important and has something to do with Mindi and great time to EDUCATE about what you get yourself into when you take on these dogs.
      People have suffered daily because these people have chosen to do very devious things to others facebook pages, slander them behind their backs and on Mindis personal page and have not in the least practiced what they preach.
      There has been little kind and educating behavior going on when no one is looking with some of these people.
      I really hope something good can come out of this very sad thread but I doubt it, first you have to put on your listening ears and take responsibility for your own behavior, some are not willing to do that so this will continue to happen again after the attention dies down.
      This person lives for attention, well, now she’s got it, now learn from it along with a few others who have gone along with this nonsense for far to long.

      • Stephani

        “those who sneak around and hurt others”, huh? Pretty funny coming from someone too cowardly to give their name.

    • AnimalYou

      BNB: You are so full of it. You don’t see how she can feel threatened or bullied? All you and your cronies have done is badmouth, run down, discredit and call Mindi names. You have so many exclamation points in your post about her resigned, you seem far too happy about that. Any reason why? Why don’t you start answering WHY you are so hell bent on ruining the name and reputation of someone who is trying to help save lives and educate people on the problem of puppy mills? This thread started due to her being called a rescue? Ok fine, that’s a typo/mistake. Did you complain to WHO for saying JJ’s had 220 dogs instead of 42? That was wrong on their account as well. Where are the comments on that one? What do YOU do personally to promote and educate people of the masses on puppy mills? Besides maybe take in some mill dogs and ask for money to vet them and care for them? Do you travel around talking with people, stepping into mill territory to speak out regardless of your own safety? I highly doubt it. Whats wrong with what she is doing? She is NOT misrepresenting herself, or BOB. Never once have I seen her call herself anything than what she is, an educator to the public on what the mills want to keep private. Its bringing the knowledge up front where its easy to read and understand, instead of not knowing and just cruising right to the breeders themselves. While the world of rescue is never going to be easy, and always be in deep demand, there is no reason whatsoever for these horrible comments from grown adults. No one should be pleased she is ‘ stepping down’ from her passion. One reason is that she DOES do good things, and does them HONESTLY. Raised money for billboard, where did it go? BILLBOARD. Raised money for auction dogs, where did it go? AUCTION DOGS. Another reason is that it IS her passion. And you are selfishly trying to sabotage her and take away what she has poured her heart and soul into. Just because you don’t like her. Its pathetic. If you happen to ‘run’ a rescue, I certainly hope you keep your personal snobbiness out of it, and do it for the animals and not your personal gain or fabulous reputation.

  • outsider

    I do not know Mindy persist, not do I know anything about the rescues who are apparently upset with her, so my comments are not personal or based on gossip. I have been a fan of BOB on Facebook, and with no other information than that, have never thought that they were a non profit or a rescue group. The page is not misleading, it’s clear what they do. If someone donated money thinking they were a rescue or non profit, that’s their own fault. It is very clear from this chain of comments that there is a long standing issue with BOB and the people commenting here, and it goes beyond what’s stated. So, as an outside trying to gather the facts to make an informed opinion, here’s here what I’ve gathered from this: BOB is not a non profit. BOB is not a rescue. The news may have misrepresented this. Mindy helped rescues get the dogs from the auction. BOB raised money for a billboard to educate people on where puppy store dogs come from. many people work in rescues and don’t feel they get credit for what they do. Many people have been involved in fighting puppy mills since before Mindy was probably born. So I’ve read every one of these comments, and I’m not seeing anything wrong with what BOB does. This is obviously a bigger issue, but sounds personal, and personal issues shouldn’t be brought into the arena where it ends up hurting or taking away from dogs being helped. If you have REAL proof of Mindy scamming someone, or taking money donated and going out to buy aChanel bag, then by all means, put it out there so people know. But it sounds like the issues you’re putting out there are that they are not non profit, not a rescue, and other people do “more” to help dogs. Who cares??? That’s not valuable out helpful info for anyone.

    • BNB

      The AG’s office suggested that anyone soliciting for funds post clearly that they are NOT a non-profit and what they specifically do with the funds collected. That their mission be stated clearly on their website. Elements of this are missing. Why is that? I’ve seen more legitimate and honest people trying to cross the borders of the U.S.

      Ms. Long easily could have corrected the misrepresentation here but chose not to. Why didn’t she?

      Ms. Long started the personal and professional attacks on rescues/shelters over 2 years ago. She’s alienated every breeder, which one would expect with her cause, but not the rescues or shelters. I don’t know what shelters she works with, but I don’t give it long. Sit back and observe…You’ll see a pattern. It’s live theater at it’s best!

      It’s usually a three act performance. Apparently tonight she just did ACT II, the “poor me” scene! I’ve witnessed it so many times it’s laughable. So yes…I guess you’re probably is a little personal for some. She’s made it that with her happy fingers and wicked mind!

      Be honest, be true and you have nothing to fear! Something Ms. Long hasn’t learned yet.

      • Stephani

        “Be honest. Be true.” How about trying to do the same? You can start by posting under your name! If not then you are being kind of a hypocrite.

  • BKTeem

    “It’s All about the Animals…” and “Why can’t we all just work together.” are the two most used comments I hear everyday. Overused for sure.

    My observations: Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians. Boards are full of like minded friends, rather than a diverse group of individuals creating clicks rather than organizations who need each other. Volunteers are now individual rescuers.

    And the pool of resources has dwindled, too. Increased rescues means more hands reaching for donations, adopters and volunteers. Bringing animals across state lines doesn’t help. And while I’m elated the mill dogs are saved it presents a long term problem….56 additional lives all in one small area.

    As I see it, it’s “all about the people”, rather than “all about the animals,” or there would be a consideration of how it will affect the overall animal welfare community. I feel people are thinking to small and individually, rather than a community or state wide issue.

    That’s why “we can’t all work together”. It should be more “can’t we all respect each other!”

    Shelters are closing, especially in the rural areas. So what is going to happen is animals are going to be killed in great numbers because there will be no animal control, or shelters in major cities are going to be so overpopulated they’ll have to kill them (if they don’t already).

    I am proud of the rescues that saved the dogs. But I wish the $13,000 would have been given to the shelters who are struggling for funding because of their location.

    I think it’s great that Benji is educating the masses about puppy mills. But $6,000 can spay and neuter and provide a lot for those rural shelters that don’t have much.

    Perhaps a thought is to have a community adoption/fundraising event to clear out shelter cages, prior to attending an auction! That way, the money is there to purchase and shelters are ready to receive. THAT’S working together. Just a thought!

  • Pirate

    All these comments make me ashamed to be part of the rescue community in Iowa. Instead of support and admiration some individuals see other organizations succeed and resort to bullying. What is this grade school?iowas rescue community needs a big eye opener…..when there’s drama everyone looses.

  • WRD

    Nobody is being bullied. It’s a forum open for comment. Perhaps the problem is that there are differences of opinions. Some groups like to be surrounded by those who think alike. Others like diversity. While I’ll agree that there is much more history between some commentors here nobody is intimidating another. Everyone has the chance to comment, and there is no physical interaction. There is nothing stopping anyone from sharing their point of view.

  • outsider

    To everyone so easily calling out mindi with her name, and making it clearyou’re just expressing your opinion and not bullying, why not use your name? Why not say what rescues you’re talking about that are doing the “real” work? If you’re trying to actually educate people on the truth, then put it all out there. Otherwise you’re just trying to make BOB and mindi look bad without giving the whole story of the other side.
    I know the question back to me will be why don’t I use my name. Nobody would have a clue who I am, I’m not involved in any of it. But I’m not putting info out and not backing it up.

    • BNB

      I can’t address the practices of BOB because BOB is not an entity. Ms. Long IS BOB, therefore to question or discuss the practices of her, I need to use her name. Don’t believe I’ve used her first name.

  • Interesting?

    Mrs Long is not a victim. She may be a lot of things but a victim is not one of them. And pass your advice on to her as well so the next time she either puts her fingers on her keyboard or opens her mouth to discredit innocent people or get her sheep to follow that ugly side she changes her mind. Not everyone can be wrong. Shes been a bully in the worst way. And some appear they won’t miss that side. Like one post said, learn a lesson don’t repeat what got you here in the first place. Ive been one of those she and her sheep targeted I just didn’t take to social media and cry about it. Just knew she’d hang herself.

    • outsider

      So you’re not going to say you name or what rescues you’re talking about or give any concrete information on who she talked badly about our what she said? People on the inside of this debate already probably know what you’re talking about, but people on the outside just trying to gather the facts to make a decision, have no idea. So what’s the point of putting it half it there? You said you didn’t go to social media and cry about it, but these posts show that’s what you’re all doing. So without any other facts, I’ll still make my decision that mindi hasn’t done a thing wrong, is helping animals in some way even though she’s not a non profit or rescue, is educating people, and doing exactly what their mission has always seemed to be.

  • Katt Flockhart

    Wow. This is ridiculous. I have not commented here to save myself the hassles of comments toward myself ( as Im almost certain I know who a few commenters are and we clash) but I have to comment now. I have known Mindi for awhile now, and think I know her pretty good. We have worked together in the animal community ( I DID NOT SAY WE RUN RESCUE, just putting that out there now so its not twisted) and outside of it. We have traveled to auction and to fundraisers together, and done protests as well. Shes put her own safety on the line more than once to either travel to educate people in puppy mill country, or to auction to save lives. The only time I ever hear anything bad about her, is from a few certain people, which seems more like personal reasons. . For whatever reason they don’t get along that’s fine. But stop taking it out on what she does for work. It IS legitimate.( in the sense she does what she says, not as a licensed entity as you may prefer) She DOES have a large group of followers who are committed to her and the job she does. I better clarify JOB, her information, her sharing, her facts, her stories, etc… with BOB. She may not get an hourly wage for doing this, but when she is at her salaried job, she is still and always will be doing animal work. She has such a large group of rescue contacts, be it an actual rescue facility, or people who foster these animals, or drive them to foster or rescue, or donate money for billboards, protest against pet stores who sell mill dogs or auction….I consider all of these areas ‘ animal rescue’ because they do have a part in it. I get ‘ poo poo’d” for saying I myself ‘ do animal rescue’ and I don’t care. I DO animal rescue work. And before you feel the urge to start in that I am not licensed, I will state again, I do NOT need to be licensed for what I do. I do NOT have a facility, nor adopt out. ( IDALS passed for no license just fyi) Anyways, to be so harsh and cruel to someone who is doing nothing but GOOD deeds, on her own time, not being paid, is asinine. Every single rescue needs monetary help, and I have a feeling if BOB donated all of the raised money to only one rescue each time, there would be backlash for not ‘spreading the wealth’ to others. There will never be enough help be it transporting, fostering, donating, educating, volunteering, vetting, and so on. So why does it have to be taken to such a level to possibly loose a fabulous contributor to the cause at hand? This thread didn’t start as a misspoken title of BOB, it seems like it was an exciting chance to bring down a PERSON that some of you may not like. There are so many licensed rescues who do follow BOB, support, and are greatful to this group of people. I personally know a few who wont even comment because of cattiness in the community and fear of being lectured on speaking up. Which is very sad since they support and agree on BOB’s existence and reason for being. Having known Mindi, and the people involved in BOB, I am ever grateful for things I have learned, and outlets to reach to. And Ive acquired a great friend both in and out of the animal rescue industry. I will stand behind her 100% and know others do and will as well. Keep your head high Mindi, and know your true worth. It is PRICELESS to the animals you save. THEY need you.

    My real name is Katt Flockhart. Whats yours?

    • Interesting?

      Nice speech. Give it a rest and stop blowing smoke up intelligent peoples ***.
      Just one more person telling others how to do it. We get it Mindi has friends, great no need to go on and on. Anyone can go to the educating masses page. Too bad they can’t see the personal page. That page is saved for the trashing bashing and crying. Dollar Store sells crying towels go grab a few. She is not a victim period. No one said she did not “contribute” in educating the “masses”. Just more dramatics. And the rest about yourself is between you and the State and not sure why you’re bringing that up and don’t care so please no need to educate us.
      Mindis a grown “educated” woman shes made that very clear and will be back and doing the same thing. So no need to get so dramatic.

      • outsider

        WOW. You’re doing a great job of making it seem that if Mindi did say negative things about you guys (whoever you are), she must be right! I’ve never seen anything on BOB that was negative about rescue groups, but I can tell you that if I do now, I will definitely believe it because I can only assume she’d be talking about whoever you are.

      • Katt Flockhart

        So….you are still belittling someone who has a voice? It was not a ‘ speech’ yet comments on the subject at hand, much like your own. I can at least post my own name with my own words instead of hiding behind a sarcastic ‘ INTERESTING?’ . How is that you can post and post and bitch and moan and whine about something, and expect to be heard, understood, followed, and so on, while others cannot? Is that because I have an opinion that does not match yours? I am also on her personal page and have not seen any ‘ trashing bashing and crying’ that you speak of. And if she did, so what. Its HER personal page. You are just full of insults no matter who it is aren’t you. Very shallow of you to spew all your bile behind a false identity and have a go at anyone who dares to stand up for someone who doesn’t deserve your brutal words.

      • BNB

        OUTSIDER….READ! The commenter stated she doesn’t discuss rescues shelters on the BOB page only on her personal one.

      • BNB

        Stephani: Why does it matter who I am? What difference would that have on what I have to say and how it is received?

    • BNB

      How hard is it to grasp folks? Seriously! The story IS about THREE rescues that saved 60 dogs lives. As trivial to some as it may seem, ONE is not a rescue! Asking for a correction didn’t warrant defense for Ms. Long.

      She spent, what I witnessed, about 2 years trying to hurt the credibility of at least a dozen shelters and rescues with nothing more to go on but her opinion. For those who aren’t one of the orgs she targeted…then I doubt you’d understand.

      What is happening here is nothing less than what she has done to others. It interferes with the mission of the group. Sure wish all of you were around to defend or help those that got stung by her. Since you weren’t, how about cutting them all a break!

      IMO, she has a lot of back stepping and apologizing to do if she wants to mend the fences. Until then, sadly some will stay divided. And continue to ask for her credibility until she can show it.

      I’m not a fan. I’m not a supporter. I’m not a follower of BOB. I put my money, time and support towards those orgs that KNOW how to get along and welcome diversity! Like mindedness only creates closed minds! She is reaping what she sowed, IMO.

      • outsider

        “Sure wish all of you were around to defend or help those that got stung by her. Since you weren’t, how about cutting them all a break!” Well, for one, because none of you are saying WHO they are or WHAT was said!! You’re so vague that nobody on the “outside” could ever take the “other side”. Your secrecy is very disturbing and causes lack of trust. I would like to put my money towards those who get along and welcome diversity, and I have no idea who you are or what you do, or who these other rescues are or what they do. I have no idea what Mindi has done to not be any of those things, so I’ll continue supporting BOB.

  • Melissa

    Hello again, I’m hoping to comment and put an end to all of this…we will see. I know that emotions are running high right now and I’m just as guilty of that, when I posted earlier I was angry and defensive and I’m here to say I’m sorry for that. But when someone this close to you is attacked it’s hard to stay professional and unbiased.
    Bailing Out Benji has a goal of educating people about animal issues, one of them being puppy mills, which is a common goal ( I presume ) of those involved in animal rescue efforts. If at any point Bailing Out Benji has not been forthcoming with anything information, we ask you to please ask questions of us and let us know. We are not trying to hide anything, not where are money goes or where our goals lie, nothing at all. I appreciate that people wanted to set the record straight and I can understand why, so thank you, but I would hope that it could be done in a way that still leaves everyone’s dignity in tact.
    To the critics: instead of tearing us down, would you be willing to help us? Can we work together to stop puppy mills as a union of animal lovers? What can we do to stop this unnecessary negativity? I’m willing to listen, learn and change to make this about the animals and not about our own personal grievances. We have been working on becoming 501c3 certified, since it’s been asked and I’d like transparency, but we lost crucial members of our group due to financial and relocation reasons and so it has been put on hold. We’d love to be tax deductible and have people feel they can donate to us without any hesitation, it’s just a long process.
    Please feel free to contact me personally or on BOB’S page to solve this in a civilized way. This all is so unneeded right now and I feel can be fixed with solid communication and respect. I do respect the work of ALL people who are helping animals and this we could do more good if we worked together. Thank you.

    • BNB

      Your post is heartfelt. Perhaps contacting shelters/rescues and sitting down with them would be a great place to start. Some may not be interested until Ms.Long rights the wrongs she’s done. Sadly, that falls on her shoulders. Hurt goes both ways. She stepped on a lot of backs to create her fan base. Luckily she wasn’t good at hurting their credibility though, but she did tick ’em off. Don’t know…you’ll have to ask! Good Luck!

    • Interesting?

      I think it best that you get with Mindi and find out what she has done to warrant such animosity but then you know because you have been a part of it all along. It may be more important for Mindi and others to be liked then respected not everyone feels that way.
      Honesty and character plays a big part in who I choose to donate to or work with.
      When BOB can prove that’s what they’re really about there is no coming together. Mindi and others in and out of BOB have been very destructive not sure how people who’ve been burned along with animals being used and taken a back seat even though the sermon is “it’s all about the animal” are to trust. Its rather like the criminal who shows no remorse until they’re caught and even then it’s questionable. And unless Mindi is one of the many fans on here shes not owning her HUGE part in what brought this to a head. And the comments made by her fans spoke volumes. It’s not about the animals first and foremost and to change that you’ll need to change your behavior.
      And using words like attack, tearing down in the same comment as lets work together only reinforces that this is more about covering ones behind then working together.
      When you harm legitimate Rescues and those who have a history of being who they say they are with their time and or their money you hurt the animals and I have no respect for that. And obviously others don’t either. I prefer to watch where this is going before I put another nickel or minute into BOB again. A suggestion, start making amends to those who have been harmed by your actions and that’s more then just Mindi. Thats if you’re really sincere about righting a wrong. And you are very aware who deserves an ammends for example calling a legitimate, respected, licensed Rescue out on here. That’s just a small example of what’s gone on much less what’s happened when no one is looking.

  • BNB

    Ms. Long is hardly the Queen of Education! Have you never heard of the HSUS, PETA, ASPCA, NATHAN WINOGRAD, or even locally, Iowa Voters for Companion Animals and countless other national organizations who have been advocating change for years for mill dogs? How out of touch with society is that?

    If the distribution of their materials opened one’s eyes, great! But wearing blinders to others opinions or experiences is pathetic. It’s all for the animals? Then open the mind to all points of view.

    WHO TV made an error! Some wanted a correction! Ms. Long easily could have remedied that herself had she felt “picked on”! She didn’t. Ms. Long has asked for the credibility of others time and time again…why is it so wrong for others to ask that in return? Perhaps she can’t provide it…or won’t!

    Turning a different point of view or opinion into “bashing” and “hatred” is exactly what animal welfare doesn’t need! Why can’t they all work together? Because some people are so myopic they can’t think for themselves! Ms. Long’s track history proves the coin has two sides. She doesn’t play well with others very well and apparently some just don’t like how she does things! Big deal!

    It’s all junior high? Most of the comments defending Ms. Long are junior high. She made you “feel” good or you “like” her. How juvenile is that? Why do people feel the need to defend Ms. Long’s actions in the first place? If she is actually so wonderful speaking before the public, surely she can stand up to a few comments on a forum, right? Fuzzy squishy feelings are fine, but how much of it actually betters the lives of animals?

    Let’s get real. Ms. Long loves this attention and some are suckered into it. “Fans” (not followers or supporters) are panicked because she’s going to quit or being bullied! Don’t fear! Ms. Long will return to BOB and FB in a couple of weeks. BOB will continue to be a blog, and her new partners will inadvertently do something that will tick her off or pull the spotlight from her. She will walk away, tell the world why she had to leave for the “good of the animals” and the cycle will repeat itself once again. After watching this patterned behavior for over 2 years, I’m pretty confident it will happen again! She’s in Phase II right now…the “victim” stage!

    In the meantime those with different points of view will be talked about and chastised by the very people who shout out, “let’s all work together” and “it’s all about the animals!” Scoff. It’s always about the people…the animals in some cases just get a good deal out of it, too!

    Enough said!

  • outsider

    BNB – I can’t reply directly to your comment, “OUTSIDER….READ! The commenter stated she doesn’t discuss rescues shelters on the BOB page only on her personal one.” Good to know! I am also “friends” with her on Facebook (don’t know her personally), and will keep an eye out, so I know who to NEVER give any money to.

    • BNB

      LOL…and thank you once again for proving my point! Don’t bother to get both sides of the story, just continue to blindly follow her as a fan. Whatever works for you!

    • Knowsthetruth

      So you troll her facebook page as a “friend” just so you can get your kicks and giggles out of watching her every move? You have proven your “character” in every ridiculous post on this thread. Obsess much?

      • outsider

        Are you talking about me?? I am “friends” with her on Facebook because I like BOB and she seems like she posts interesting things. I’m saying I hope I do see who she apparently (according to others) talks “bad” about so that I know not to give money to THEM, because I assume they are the ones on here acting rude. If they said who they were on here while talking badly, I would know not to give money to them, but they don’t give any real facts on who they are.

      • BNB

        Nope. I have answered that already. Not a friend, supporter, fan or follower of Ms. Long or BOB. And I won’t be answering any more inquiring questions like this one. You want transparency…try practicing it yourself.

  • outsider

    That’s EXACTLY what I’ve been trying to say – you DON’T GIVE enough information to see your side. You don’t say who you are or what rescues you’re talking about, or what Mindi ever said, so how can somebody on the outside possibly see the other side? All the information I’m getting is that the people who are on “Mindi’s side” are being friendly and talking about helping the dogs, and saying who they are, and all the people against Mindi are just giving vague information about things Mindi has said, calling her names, calling her a child, being extremely rude, saying she “could” take money donated and mis-spend it because she’s not a non profit (but all facts point to the fact she did spend it where she said), and making yourselves look ridiculous. The only information you’ve all given that isn’t vague is that she’s not a non profit and isn’t a rescue, I already knew that and it doesn’t matter. Serious question, how do you expect someone to get both sides of the story if you don’t give it?? Seriously, HOW?

      • BNB

        My response was to this comment:

        “BNB – I can’t reply directly to your comment, “OUTSIDER….READ! The commenter stated she doesn’t discuss rescues shelters on the BOB page only on her personal one.” Good to know! I am also “friends” with her on Facebook (don’t know her personally), and will keep an eye out, so I know who to NEVER give any money to.”

        From what is written there your mind would be made up on her friends FB page and you not support them! Pretty clear if you ask me.

    • BNB

      I’m pretty certain there is enough information in the comments, at least by me, for another view point. Good Lord read the comments. The question is, are you open minded enough to believe there IS another view point? That just maybe, Ms. Long, hasn’t always been, let’s say…nice?

      Sad there IS sides. From the “defending” comments for Ms. Long, most of the minds are already made up. If you truly are open to other view points, then ask her to give you the list. She knows who they are….Contact them. At least then, when you feel the need to defend her, you’ll have all points of view to draw from!

      • outsider

        I read this after posting my comment below. I actually am open to other sides, but why in the world would I ask Mindi to give me the list? You are the one here trying to change people’s minds and show the other side, why wouldn’t you be open enough to do that? I have read all the comments. If you want, feel free to summarize the main points you think people should know about, it all gets kind of lost in the rudeness.

      • BNB

        The list of shelters and rescues she’s targeted needs to come from her. Some may not appreciate their name being given to be a target again. That’s their call. She KNOWS who she’s associated with and walked away from.

        If you truly want to know both sides you’ll ask her. If she really IS a victim she’ll give them to you.

        I’m not counting on either.

        Until people take responsibility for their own actions and a mutual respect is reached by talking TO each other and not ABOUT each other hard feelings will remain and forward progress slow. If Ms. Long feels she is being unfairly targeted, then she’s smart enough to figure out how to make it better. To my knowledge…she hasn’t even tried.

  • outsider

    “From what is written there your mind would be made up on her friends FB page and you not support them! Pretty clear if you ask me.”
    What? I don’t understand what you mean by that, can you explain?
    Who am I? I am an outsider who has nothing to do with BOB or other rescues, other than following on FB. I am not involved in rescue other than the fact that I’ve rescued both my dogs. When I can, I give money to causes that help dogs, therefore I like to know the whole story before I give money. The story I’m getting here is that BOB is a worthy cause to support when needed. If I knew who you and the others on her being disrespectful were, I would steer clear of your organizations when giving money. I’m an educated woman who can take an educated guess when looking at facts. But you’re presenting none that would change my mind about BOB. Even educated people naturally make assumptions based on people’s attitudes and how they come off. If you present yourself as rude, vague, immature, and have a PERSONAL vendetta against Mindi, my assumption is you’re not very credible. When the people defending BOB appear to be kind, educated, discuss their personal experience in real terms (not vague), and act mature about it, I assume they are more credible. Simple as that.

    • Knowsthetruth

      No outsider, sorry, I was replying to the gloating by others about what Mindi had posted on her fb about walking away because of the abuse and completely unneccessary harrassment. I appreciate your open minded questions and wish that all others would be willing to be as open. Sorry for the confusion.

      • WRD

        Making information public isn’t gloating. Perhaps she didn’t mean for it to get out but even a private page is a public one on Facebook. Someone somewhere saw it, and shared it.

      • BNB

        Hmmm…someone needs a dictionary. Can’t really be harassing someone who isn’t present in the discussion.

      • Stephani

        WRD and BNB if you are all about making things public… how about you start with your names? You talk endlessly about someone else yet you don’t have the stones to reveal who you are? That’s pretty spineless and speaks volumes about YOUR character!

      • Stephani

        Who I am is someone who believes it takes very little courage to talk about others while hiding behind a user name. I am someone who is pointing out that this behavior is a bit cravenly. I’m the person asking those talk about “truth” and “transparency” to say who they are.

  • Angela Pralle

    What a coincidence that I have access to a dictionary at this very moment. Stating you cannot harass someone not present in the conversation is an incredibly ignorant thing to say. “Harass: to make repeated attacks against.” ( That seems to apply in this forum, and I don’t see any requirement in the definition that the target need be present. I like this one, though- “Organization: a company, business, club, etc., that is formed for a particular purpose.” ( Bailing Out Benji was formed for a particular purpose, and, I believe, would at the very least qualify as “etc.”. Who would like to volunteer to let Mr. Webster know he got his definition wrong?

    Someone said that standing up for Mrs. Long is immature and unprofessional because it is coming from friends. I know her professionally. We met working for a previous employer. It was due to her incredible work ethic, way with people, and kind nature that I grew to respect and trust her. You can’t work with Mrs. Long without seeing how truly genuine she is.

    Fundraising for a cause is not illegal. I have a degree in campaigning, advocacy, and the laws surrounding them, and have worked full-time for a national campaign organization. Bailing Out Benji’s practices are 100% legal. “The AG’s office suggested that anyone soliciting for funds post clearly that they are NOT a non-profit and what they specifically do with the funds collected. That their mission be stated clearly on their website.” Bailing Out Benji’s facebook page specifically states that it is an education page. Had the group wanted to misrepresent itself they could have chosen to display it as a non-profit. Their mission statement is also plainly stated when you pull up the page, and any fundraiser they have conducted specifically states where the money will be going. They even give you the option to specify the direction of your funds if they are holding more than one fundraiser simultaneously. I think that covers the listed criteria. I recently asked friends and co-workers to donate cans to help fund my niece’s trip to gymnastics camp. I am not a registered 501c3. Would you like to turn me in as well?

    “…it is illegal to “exchange” them without a state license.” “…if she’s not licensed she is running illegal…” “…individuals who pose as non-licensed rescuers.” These are just a few of the comments made regarding Bailing out Benji and its founder, Mrs. Long. Here’s another definition fore you: “Libel: a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression.” ( For the record, libel IS illegal, and several commenters are flirting dangerously close to that line.

    My real name is Angela Pralle. What’s yours?

    • Canine Friend

      I suggest you go back to June 25 and read Melissas post and June 24 Knowsthetruth along with many other attacks and defamatory remarks through here and address those people if your true motive is to right a wrong and share legal consequences. Though it may be to late now as the damage may have already been done and again hurt the animals and those who really do care for them.
      Don’t enable and minimize the root of the problem here, that solves nothing. Let everyone own their own behavior and choices including Mrs Long. Otherwise this isn’t about what’s best for the animals but yet again what’s best for one particular person who is not a victim.

  • BNB

    Thank you Ms. Pralle. Ms. Long should know about libel. I believe she’s received legal warnings herself. There is nothing illegal to post that you don’t support something/someone and the reasons why as along as they are of opinion or fact! It’s also not illegal to not “like” something or someone!

    And I believe your comment is dangerously close to intimidate as well. The pendulum swings both ways in life.

    • Angela Pralle

      It certainly wasn’t meant to be intimidating, and I apologize if it came across that way. I just think it is important to distinguish between true opinion and defamatory remarks. Saying it’s your (not necessarily you personally, but in the general “you” sense) opinion doesn’t necessarily make it so. “I don’t like Bailing Out Benji” is an opinion. Indicating illegal exchange took place when there is no documented proof it actually occurred is libel.

      • BNB

        I”m not sure which comment you pulled the partial quote “illegal exchange” from but “exchange” is definitely a word in Iowa’s Code regarding the law.

  • Peter

    At work and bored. Thought I’d catch up on my reading. I might be here all night.

    I’m offering my observation strictly as an animal lover. There is a mob mentality present, but I’m posting my name anyway. Those wanting disclosure of names, I fear are only for judgement purposes, not respectful listening, so I have no problem with the anonymity by some. If people can’t see past a person’s name, then they won’t open their mind to listen.

    As I read it, Benji is the focus for two reasons:

    1. An error in the reporting. The news station isn’t going to correct it. So it falls onto the organization. I agree with the poster who suggested Mrs. Long (or anyone from the organization) post who they are & what they do. That might put the focus on the work for animals and lessen the focus on the individual. And probably satisfy most. The reluctance to do so feeds the speculation and frustration already present.

    2. Feelings toward Benji. There are a few comments that are a direct hit to Mrs. Long’s character, but overall, people either “like” what she does or “don’t” for various reasons. There is an unresolved history that is present. It should only be included in the discussion if it can bring resolve or keep it moving forward. The past is the past.

    I don’t understand the length to which people feel the need to defend Benji. I’m assuming she is an adult. Sometimes people don’t like each other or what they do. Loyalty is noble, but there is a strange attachment to Benji which is preventing people from being objective and way too defensive. Either let it go or encourage their suggestions. And Listen objectively.

    People can disagree and opinions shouldn’t be perceived as fact. Comments should have little emotion in them and never include name calling or insults. If a reader feels attacked or threatened then a response in form of a question can break down the defensive barrier and keep the communication moving forward. Example:

    “The purchase of a van over saving animals lives is dumb.”
    “Are you calling me dumb?”
    “No, I said the purchase is dumb”.

    Discussion Boards and Forums have an etiquette protocol just like human to human. Be polite. Courteous. Listen with an open mind. Ask Questions for Clarification. Don’t Assume. Refrain from using pronouns, (you, I, me) when directing your comment to each other. Never Attack Another. A few basic rules and a little tolerance will keep minds open and the discussion fruitful. Good Luck!

  • BNB

    Wanting to ask if this MELISSA is the same MELISSA as on this forum? This is for clarification.

    On June 23, 2014 a comment on another WHO TV Forum regarding the Mill Rescue from MO.

    Bravo to the 3 rescues who sacrificed time, fuel, and sleep to help these dogs!

  • Anna

    First of all, I’d like to get back to the original story here. A puppy mill was shut down. This is one fewer puppy mill that is breeding thousands of dogs. Yay! Victory!
    Second of all, nobody should be concerned about how someone else spends their money. If I want to give all of my money to the ice cream truck, the library, to Bailing Out Benji, or to a homeless person – that is NO ONE ELSE’S concern but mine.
    Attacking someone for the sake of attacking them is beyond ridiculous. You’ve all made your point and stated several times what you think of Mindi and of Bailing Out Benji. Once is enough, 15 times is bullying.
    Get over your hatred and distrust of this woman. There are bigger fish to get (such as animal abusers and puppy mill owners). This isn’t about a woman. It’s about the animals. Something most of you seem to have forgotten.

    • BNB

      ANNA: You are incorrect. Assuming you are referring to Julie’s Jewels, she was NOT shut down. They liquidated their assets is all. (i.e. turned her inventory, the dogs, into cash). She still has a state license to operate. Facts are important! If you don’t know where to find that information, let me know….I’ll be happy to provide it for you.

      As far as the rest of your comments, they aren’t worthy of addressing. They too, are an example of how little you understand about the animal welfare industry as a whole.

  • Annalea

    Reading this whole threat honestly brings me to tears and makes me sick. What is wrong with you people?! To sit and correct the article is one thing but to those of you who called out the writer of BOB and continued to bad talk her shame on you. Who raised you to think it’s okay to treat other people like that. To have a different opinion is one thing. Great we all have our own opinion but to sit and verbally attack someone else come on. We lecture our kids on how not to bully and respect other people yet we have grown adults on here acting like immature children. This thread is so disgusting and full of nothing but bullying, rudeness, and attacks on other people and their character. Who are any of you to sit and judge others? I think it’s time people take a step back and grow up.

  • A Concerned Professional

    If you have the time to start at the beginning of these comments, you may note that this all began with a call to either WHO TV or Bailing Out Benji to retract the statement that B.O.B. is an animal “rescue”. They’re not.

    What’s true, is that Bailing Out Benji is a blog authored by Mrs. Long. She is an engaging, intelligent and talented individual who has embraced a cause and built a following of individuals who share her passion to help dogs in mills.

    It’s already been stated that neither WHO nor Mrs. Long has any intentions of correcting the story. On the other hand, Mrs. Long is being portrayed as a helpless victim who is being criticized for solely wanting to help animals.

    It would appear the number 1 question among the contributors of this forum is, who are her critics, and why are they so angry? It’s one thing to be put up on the cross by an angry mob, it’s quite another to do it all by yourself.

    Unfortunately, Mrs. Long, without the benefit of any professional experience in the field of animal welfare, proclaims herself as an expert by authoring a blog and professing to lead an organization dedicated to raising consciousness about animal welfare issues; and yet she has lost credibility with virtually every animal welfare organization in Iowa.

    The reasons are obvious:

    1) She’s effectively alienated professionals who rescue companion animals everyday by publicly deriding their policies and procedures in an effort to bring attention to herself as a self-proclaimed animal advocate. At first glance, you might applaud such actions. However, more often than not the allegations and innuendos were based on hearsay and incomplete information. A situation made worse by the fact, that the accuser lacked any proof or foundation for her accusations of wrong-doing.
    2) It should not be any surprise that those professionals who have been victimized by Mrs. Long would be the first to suggest that her efforts at educating the public regarding animal welfare are questionable to say the least. Fundraising for an ad against puppy mills with no other call to action other than to contact her is nothing more than blatant self-promotion. When her motives were questioned, she immediately crumbled, crying victim, by publicly stating, “As much as this breaks my heart, I am stepping down from Bailing Out Benji and stepping away from facebook for a while…And for anyone that would like their donations for the billboard refunded, please email me as well. The ad will be up soon- but I can’t handle anyone thinking I have been deceitful with their money.”
    3) While I would never suggest or imply that Mrs. Long was deceitful with donated funds, her next comment does make one wonder what she was thinking when she wrote, “This has been posted on my personal page for a reason, and will not be posted on Bailing Out Benji.”? “Personal Page”? Why not “Bailing Out Benji”? Should we surmise that only her friends who donated will have the opportunity to get their money back or is this just another noble gesture of a wounded “warrior”? Ordinarily, I would applaud such a noble effort if it wasn’t a repeat performance that we’ve seen all too often!

    Incidentally, I must take issue with Ms. Pralle’s statement regarding Bailing Out Benji’s fundraising practices being 100% legal. They may be now, but haven’t always been so.

    The facts are:
    She is not a rescue.

    She’s alienated those who are.

    Her attempts to meddle in the rescue arena have only caused deeper resentment among the professionals who’ve had to clean up her messes.

    There are those professionals who even maintain that her educational efforts have done more harm than good to the extent that many animals’ lives were compromised and some lives were even lost.

    To those who have elevated Mrs. Long/B.O.B. to messianic status and feel that she is being unjustly criticized and martyred for her misguided efforts in self-promotion, please understand that she’s brought this on herself. In lieu of, supporting a blog, please consider donating your time or money to where it will directly impact the lives of animals in your community. Where you give, DOES make a difference!

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