Homeless Camp Evictions Remain on Hold

homeless camp

DES MOINES, Iowa – Plans to evict residents of a homeless camp along the Des Moines River remain on hold.

The City of Des Moines began notifying residents of the camp earlier this month that they are being kicked off the public land.

The homeless residents are now appealing the eviction notice.

At Monday’s city council meeting, homeless advocate David Costello pleaded for council members to be compassionate and a promised a fight if they didn’t.

“I think there’s a more compassionate way to deal with our homeless sisters and brothers and if we’re unable to do that I figure I’ve got one more good fight in me,” Costello said.

Council members say they are waiting on a ruling on the appeal before taking any more steps.

The city is in the process of hiring a homeless coordinator to deal with future issues with homeless camps.


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