Des Moines Police Want Peggy’s Liquor License Revoked


DES MOINES, Iowa — The Des Moines police are asking that a bar in the Drake neighborhood have its liquor license taken away.

Peggy’s Tavern, located on 3020 Forest Avenue, has failed some compliance checks in the last couple of years. Since 2009 the bar has failed five of 13 compliance checks including not checking IDs, keeping minors out, and over-serving customers.

Mark Graziano, who has co-owned the bar since 2008, also owns Bauder Pharmacy. Graziano will be on trial this fall on 16 federal charges including conspiracy to distribute drugs.

Authorities say nearly 700,000 painkillers were missing from his pharmacy.

Des Moines police asked the city council Monday night to revoke the liquor license based on Graziano’s past and the bar’s failed compliance checks.

However, the council wanted more time to think about it and decided to delay a vote on the issue until next month.


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