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Teachers’ School Safety Invention Gains Popularity

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MUSCATINE, Iowa — An Iowa invention to keep kids safe in the classroom has gone viral since its launch earlier this month.

“Al Jazeera interviewed me last week, flying out to LA next week to do a show on the Hallmark Channel. Stuff that I just never, ever in my wildest dreams thought,” says Daniel Nietzel, one of the inventors.

Five middle school teachers worked for nearly a year to create “The Sleeve.” It’s a steel case that fits around a door’s closer arm, securing it from the inside in the event of an active shooter situation.

Last week the company, Fighting Chance Solutions, hand-delivered its first multi-sleeve order to Green Bay, Wisconsin. The product is produced at a company in Muscatine.

“It’s an incredible device. We want to be part of something big…even better,” says Doug Buster, Fabricators Plus owner.

The inventors say they are getting orders from other places besides schools, like hospitals.

For now, the teachers say they still plan to return to the classroom this fall but they admit things can change.