Weekly Workout: Using Your Head to Lose Weight

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AMES, Iowa - Everybody knows how to lose weight but it’s the following up and sticking with it that can be the challenge.

Carrie Copley had what she calls an “Aha!” moment when she turned forty. “You say what am I doing, this isn’t where I wanted to be.”

That moment meant leaving a twenty year career as a social worker and becoming something else - a life coach. Her website ReinventionBootCamp.com addresses what may be the toughest part of losing weight - the head game.

“There are these great fitness plans for you but what happens is you start doing the plans but then life gets busy and women tend to put themselves as a low priority and allow themselves to make excuses,” Copley said.

The “reinvention toolbox” contains 10 tools to help you identify things about yourself that can help and hinder your progress. “So if it’s about a trip to Jamaica, that’s only going to work until you get from Jamaica, right?...so oftentimes it has to be about something more meaningful or deeper than that.”

Weekly coaching calls make you accountable and help you stay on track and also force you to analyze more than just what you’re eating and how you’re exercising. “For instance, who are you hanging out with? Do they bring you up or weigh you down? There are certain people that you lose your energy after spending time with them.”

Carrie calls all of this “the grownup girls’ guide to reinvention” and says it can help you, just like it’s helped her, and others. “So the goal was weight but they’re making huge changes in other parts of their lives and having ‘Aha’ moments and it’s just really fun to watch.”


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