Governor’s Attorney ‘Knew of Secret Settlements’

DES MOINES, Iowa – The legislative session ended nearly two months ago, but the oversight committee is still hard at work. The committee is trying to figure out who approved secret settlements to former state employees and where the money came from.

Former Department of Administrative Services attorney Ryan Lamb said the governor’s attorney, Brenna Findley, knew of the settlements. She told him to be careful about sending written documents about the settlements to other people and that if he talked about it, it should only be through verbal communication.

Lamb said he occasionally consulted with Findley and considered her a person of authority over him.

Lamb testified Wednesday after the oversight committee subpoenaed him more than a month ago.

Former DAS director Mike Carroll also testified Wednesday for the second time calling Lamb a liar.  In his testimony he claimed he knew about the employee settlements but claimed Lamb had told him confidentially clauses did not exist.

“I knew nothing about money being exchanged for a confidentiality clause in any of the agreements. Prior to my testimony on April 3, I asked Ryan Lamb if that had occurred and he told me no,” Carroll said.


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