Bicyclist Killed in Story County Accident Identified

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STORY COUNTY, Iowa – Authorities have released the name of bicyclist killed in an accident Thursday night.

The collision happened at about 6:30 p.m. on 580th Street between Ames and Cambridge.

Authorities say a group of bicyclists were practicing passing maneuvers when 13-year-old Timothy Jenks lost control and hit a car.

He died at the scene.

Jenks was wearing a helmet.



      • a mom

        The name has not yet been released. The family deserves the time to try to wrap their heads around such an unexpected death. I’m sure his name will be released eventually but for now it’s about respecting the families privacy.

  • Blast, Eddie, Emily, and Cranbaby

    He was going into ninth grade and had a future ahead of him. Those who knew him knew how talented and great he was. Rest In Peace.

  • Iknewtheperson

    Maybe…You should just…stop. Somebody just died. Maybe you should back off. I’m sad that somebody so amazing had to pass. Just keep in mind this person had people who loved him. Be kind.

  • a mom

    Bite your tongue! A young person has died show some respect. You can have your opinion but do you really think this is the best time and place to express it?

  • Dru Hoogerwerf

    Was he a Ballard student? My step son used to go to Ballard before moving to Oklahoma. Thoughts and prayers for his family and family. How tragic and heartbreaking.

  • rekemeyer

    Everyone, please be very kind in these comments. This young person was the little brother of a good friend of mine and he deserves everyone’s respect. His family are all amazing people and I send my deepest condolences to them.

  • Critical mass

    Too many amazing people have been killed in car vs. bike collisions these past couple of years. It’s time for motorists to start paying attention. This is horrifying.

  • Ames Student

    This was a great kid that went to my school. I never once did not see him smiling and having a good time. He was so smart and so athletic. He had a great future ahead of him and it was taken away in a split second. The family is in my thoughts and prayers.

  • cab018

    Or maybe drivers should pay more attention to the road. Don’t put all the blame on cyclists. Every time I’m on the road I see countless people on their phones talking, texting, etc… It’s also pretty convenient how most people that hit cyclists leave the scene. I’m guessing because they were probably drinking or messing around on their phone.

  • MDD

    No, show some respect with your comment. People not paying attention is what causes crashes most of the time.


    Not only is your comment ignorant and misinformed, this is not the time nor the place to vent your frustrations about having to share the road,

  • Avid bike rider

    I wasn’t putting blame on the cyclists, I was suggesting that you’re hard to see when you don’t have a front light on hence why motorcycles are REQUIRED to have them on while riding. I bike a lot and when I have to ride the road there’s always a chance a 60 mph vehicle will come up from behind me while I’m doing 20. That doesn’t seem safe at all. I bet you’re one of those people that bitch about how slow tractors are going down the highways too. Same point different view.

  • MDD

    What’re you talking about?? It happened at 6:30 PM – that makes no sense at all. If you’re cycling on a road with multiple people at 6:30 PM, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be seen. I bet you bike like twice a year and think you’re an avid bike rider. Move along.

  • Avid bike rider

    630pm yes it was 630 and did you see the pic above? On a curve with no bike lane and the article even said the bicyclist lost control so how about everyone quit taking jabs at motorists. I bike about 75 – 100 miles a week and see arrogant bikers all the time. Ones probably just like you where you think its A ok to blow stop signs, cut in front of cars, and have no courtesy for a vehicle behind you so you stay 2 and 3 wide. Its those bicyclist that make everyone not like us. And once again I was just stating that how is a bicyclist any different from a motorcycle as far as visibility? Its just my opinion that if youre going to ride the rode you should have a front light on and a rear blinky. Btw I did have a friend get run over from behind just north of Ankeny in Oct of 2012. He was paralyzed from the sternum down and is no longer living so don’t act like you’re a be all do all kind of person. I just think certain bicyclist need to think for a sec and respect the public HIGHWAYS more.

  • cab018

    A front light wouldn’t have helped when someone was passing them from behind. I agree there’s always some risk when riding a highway. I’m just saying, it is still legal for cyclists to ride highways, and there are more and more instances of drivers being distracted while operating a vehicle. By Iowa law, a vehicle passing a cyclist is supposed to follow the same protocol as passing another car, i.e. they’re supposed to wait until no oncoming traffic is coming, and then give the cyclist an entire lane when passing. This often does not happen.

  • Avid bike rider

    I think we agree more than not but it says right on iowa bicycle coalition that:
    Bicyclists should ride on the right side of the roadway. The law requires you ride as close as practicable to the right. This does not meet as close as possible. Safety may dictate you right further away from the curb to be visible, avoid debris, or prevent motorists from passing too closely. You may ride nearer to the center or left side of the lane when turning left, overtaking a vehicle, to avoid obstructions or hazards, or on one-way roads.
    So with that being said when a vehicle comes up from behind they shouldnt stay 2 and 3 wide taking up the whole lane, they should go down to single file to allow the vehicle as much room to pass as possible while still maintaining safe distances from the shoulder of the road. Thats how I take it. Most bicyclist probably don’t even know the rules they are suppose to abide by as most motorist dont either. Or they just plain don’t care and neglect to follow them. If anything there should be a minimum age for having a phone while driving or a vehicle phone signal blocking device unless its bluetooth while you’re driving. Kickstarter here I come. lol

  • AMS Student

    This Kid was a great person. He always respected everyone and was dedicated to what he loved. He had a great future ahead of him and it’s so sad that it had to be taken away. My prayers and condolences are with the family.

  • Rudy

    This incident was a tragic accident that will forever change the lives of all involved. Leaving comments that blame the driver of the car or the rider of the bicycle is inappropriate. It happened and we need to respect everyone involved. I know all are hurting.

  • Lincoln

    I knew Timothy personally… he was an upcoming 9th grader and had a bright future. I played soccer with him and enjoyed his company. His family is in my blessings. God bless.

  • gimmieabreak

    bicyclists should always ride as close to the center or the road while taking up your full lane especially in high speed zones to show your visibility & to demonstrate your legal rights.

  • Makenna

    Tim was an amazing kid. I’ve known him since birth and he always had a smile for anyone. Please stop discussing who was actually at fault and think about the families and friends of Tim. We’re gonna miss you, buddy.

  • Zach

    I knew Tim.. I used to play soccer with him. Its such an horrific event… and things like this are not supposed to happen to good kids with incredibly big futures ahead of them. Rest in peace Tim. We won’t forget you.

  • Grieve and Learn, if possible

    This is such a tragedy, and my heart goes out to the family and friends of this young man. Yes, it might be too soon, but it is only responsible to take a look at how this might have been prevented. Of course both drivers and bicyclists alike need to do obey the rules of the road, but in time let’s try to learn something from this. I believe bicyclists should have similar requirements to motorcycles if they are on the road, especially if on a high speed highway. By the way, “GIMMIEABREAK”, “THINKBEFOREYOUSPEAK” was right. That road, exactly as they described is a no passing zone just like they said. There is a double yellow line exactly as they described it on both Google & Map Quest (it’s not hard to see when you zoom in). Now maybe that has changed since they mapped it (though I doubt it), but instead of commenting on the tragedy or even discuss the issue of bicycling safety and discuss what could be done to help keep this from happening again, you just call them names and a liar!? Why don’t you just refrain from making comments if you can’t discuss this with a little more sensitivity and tact. Beyond that, you really don’t know much about the rules of bicycling and bicycling safety, so please don’t give out bad advice to bicyclists to ride in the middle of the lane on a high speed road when you’re doing 15-20mph at best and a car comes up behind you doing 55mph or more. They’d have a hard time seeing you if you didn’t have the motorcycle lights requirements. You might die “demonstrating your legal rights”, but you’d still die. I apologize for getting off track, as this is of course, about Timothy Jenks, his family and friends, but unfortunately there are people out there that have no business making inappropriate comments.
    (A long-time fellow bicyclist)

  • one of his good friends

    Timothy was a great friend of mine, same grade, and a team mate. He was an amazing swimmer and an a amazing athlete. Enough with the comments about loosing control and who’s fault it was. The family is mourning along with his friends, please show some respect people.

    • Justice

      I cannot believe that again I agree with you twice the same day. Ha. My spouse is not only an ‘avid’ cyclist, but an obscessed one. I just asked him what is the fastest that he has ridden on the highway. Downhill he has gotten up to 45. Flat highway, 18-19. Uphill, 10-12. I am allowed to drive 55 in my car. Even on a flat highway there are little dips in the road that a car driver cannot see over. Suddenly there is somebody on a bicycle right in front of you. AND, if there is a car coming towards you, there is nothing that you can do. This story is not about distracted drivers on cell phones or texting. This story is about the reality of car vs bicycle. There are taxpayer funded trails for bicycles. Highways were never built and intended for bicycles.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    There’s quite a few cyclists who simply believe they should be allowed to set their own rules.
    And there’s quite a few drivers who simply don’t think bikes have a right to be on the road at all.
    I try to stick to trails, would never ride on the highway or country roads, just riding around Ledges and in town is enough to know what people will do.

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