Final Veishea Task Force Meeting Concludes

Veishea meeting

AMES, Iowa – The final meeting of the Veishea task force has concluded in Ames. Soon we will know what their recommendations for the future of the celebration will be.

The task force met Thursday to draft the recommendations it will give to ISU president Steven Leath.

The task force was formed after this year’s Veishea was cancelled after a riot broke out near campus following a Veishea event.

The task force has already recommended changing the name of the event. It is expected to give Leath its full list of recommendations by the end of the month.

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  • Mom

    What, exactly, does changing the event’s name but keeping it accomplish? “A rose by any other name…….” Hope there is more to the task force’s recommendations, because this sounds pretty weak thus far.

  • My wife eats cat food

    What a joke. ISU and the leadership of Ames has sunk to a all time low. Can’t wait until the next riot so I can laugh in their faces.

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