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Man Pleads Guilty to Charges Stemming from Police Raid

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ankeny police raid

DES MOINES, Iowa — The final man involved in a Des Moines home raid has pleaded guilty to charges.

Ankeny police say they were looking for a suspect who used stolen credit cards when they executed a search warrant at a home in January.

Security cameras at the home captured the raid, which the homeowner says was overzealous.

Thursday Justin Ross pleaded guilty to drug charges. He had been scheduled to go on trial in July.

Two others also entered plea deals in the case earlier this year.


  • The Phantom

    Remember when these people cried about excessive force and they were not doing anything wrong and the police were the bad guys. Innocent people do not cop plea deals!!!!!!!!!! Classic dirtbags.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    and then we can ask why, if the corrupt state of Iowa is so concerned about drug abuse, why they have in fact subsidized the production of the most dangerous drug out there, and used tax payer dollars to promote it?

  • Dan

    I thought they couldn’t use anything but was on the warrant, when they enter with a warrant? Ever had a credit card stolen? The cops told me they don’t investigate, even when you think you know who it is that stole it. And all of a sudden these guys rate getting invaded like this? And why do they need to dress in black? And I notice it’s just drug charges, no mention of how much and what drug it was. Is this the country we want it to be anymore? Somebody went above the law here, and should be held accountable. Accident’s can happen in situations like this. Ridiculous, when a knock on the door would probably net the same results. A stolen credit card? Did they find any credit card?

    • Matt P.

      Half a gram of weed was listed in posession and associated paraphernelia…. world ending stuff here.

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