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Perry Businesses Team Up to Offer Bicyclists Free Service

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PERRY, Iowa - Iowa's bike trails are quickly becoming important revenue streams for small towns.

In Perry, two business owners think the key to keeping that stream open might be spreading a little good will.

Quid pro quo - the hotel, and the bike shop next door. It`s working out for Jay Hartz of the Hotel Pattee and Lee Coons of Raccoon River Valley Bicycle, and for the town as a whole.

“A lot of businesses along the trail don`t welcome the cyclists in and we want to make sure that we welcome them with open arms,” Coons said.

In the spirit of reciprocation, these neighbors have a new offer for cyclists. And it’s free.

It`s called a cycle station. It was Coons` idea to bring them in and help cyclists out.

“There`s basically a tool for everything that they`re going to need from cone wrenches to tire levers and allen wrenches,” Coons said.

It’s self-service so if the shop’s not open, cyclist can still help themselves.

It`s a nice gesture and good business.

“We did a very intensive survey with over 300 respondents on what cyclists looks for in a business along the trail and this is one of them,” Hartz said.

The town liked the idea so much it added one of its own down the trail.

Perry is in a good spot with cyclists and doesn`t want to lose it.

The stations cost about $1,000 each. This weekend, the "Bacoon Ride" will stop in Perry as it covers the north loop of the Raccoon River Valley Trail.