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State Agrees to Pay for Flores’ Private Investigator

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


DES MOINES, Iowa – The state of Iowa will pay for a private investigator to help with David Flores’ defense, a Polk County judge ruled Thursday.

Flores is charged with willful injury, false imprisonment and domestic abuse for allegedly holding his girlfriend hostage in his home last September.

The woman says Flores held her hostage at a home on East 13th Street and choked and assaulted her.

After Flores’ arrest, he posted bond and skipped town. He was captured in Arizona in May by a bounty hunter and brought back to Iowa to face trial.

His arraignment is scheduled for July 17th.

Flores has had several run-ins with the law since his release from prison in July of 2013. He served 15 years in a 1996 murder but was awarded a new trial. Before the new trial began a plea deal was reached with prosecutors and he was sentenced to time-served and released.


  • Fed Up

    Are you kidding me? The state is paying for a private investigator? What has happened to our system? What is there to investigate? There’s a reason why the guy fled and tried to hide, duh! He wasn’t on vacation! Geeeez……..this is getting ridiculous! I just don’t get it!

  • jodi carter

    OURTAGE is what I feel. I too was held hostage by my husband and tortured thru the nite, threating to kill my family, the feeling of helplessness and fear of never seeing the people you love again is life altering. So the justice system is going to use our taxpayer money to investigate the victim? Are you kidding me! This is a injustice to ALL domestic violence victims. Because there is one thing I do know, is that she did not make up this story and I do know he will never ever stop his abuse towards women. When is the injustice in our court system ever going to stop??

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