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VEISHEA Task Force Meeting for Final Time Thursday

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veishea task force

VIESHEA task force meeting. (WHO-HD)

AMES, Iowa — Thursday night is the last meeting of the VEISHEA task force.

Members are finding ways to change the Iowa State student-run celebration, to avoid violent situations.

In April, the 7-day celebration was canceled after two days when a crowd flipped cars and knocked down light poles in the Campustown area of Ames.

After the incident, Iowa State president Steven Leath assembled a task force to make recommendations on the future of the event.

So far, the task force has decided to recommend keeping the celebration but doing away with the VIESHEA name.

Members will draft a final report Thursday night.

Those recommendations are due to President Leath by June 30th. He will make the final decision on the future of a student-led celebration at the university. There’s no timetable set as to when he will announce his decision.

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  • I throw rocks at retards.

    How many people from the ISU and the city of Ames does it take to whitewash a riot? About 20 or so. Its all about the money. Only changing the name is a insult to the intelligence of the people of Iowa who are sick and tired of having to deal with the drunks in Ames and the damage it does to the rest of our state . I throw 20 rocks at those on this BS VEISHEA task force.

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