Embattled Des Moines Developer Owes City $1 Million

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Des Moines city records show an embattled Des Moines architect and developer owes the city more than $1-million.

According to the Des Moines Register, the bills are for two loans Kirk Blunck received in the late 1990s.

Records show they should have been repaid five years ago.

The loans were taken out to update two east village buildings which now house Wooly’s and the Up-Down bar.

Blunck says despite their success, he still doesn’t have the money to repay the loans.

In recent weeks, Blunck has been criticized for the dilapidated condition of one of his apartment buildings in Sherman Hill.


  • The Phantom

    I am sure the city will forgive the loans and let him keep his south of Grand Ave, Waterbury address and 5 imported luxery cars and maintain his lifestyle. When I grow up I want to be a slumlord.

  • jodi carter

    I owed my bank 256.00 they just garnished my check in the amt. of 485.00. I guess the city doesnt care about the average citizen.

  • scumbag Kirk and his enterprise

    just goes to show, if you’re going to be a scumbag, be a big one

    some people are just wired differently than the rest of us, the rest of us would be ashamed to have a flashy ‘lifestyle’ when that far in hock to the community

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