Former Puppy Mill Dog Bought at MO Auction Missing

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URBANDALE, Iowa – A former puppy mill dog recently bought at auction has gone missing.

Local animal rescue groups returned from a Missouri auction last weekend with 56 dogs. Many of them had lived at Julie’s Jewels, a puppy mill that was recently shut down.

The missing Rottweiler was rescued by Hope Animal Rescue in Grimes, placed in a foster home but went missing in the area of 142nd and Douglas.

Searchers say there have been sightings in the area but the dog has had little socialization and is nervous around people.

If you see the pup, contact Hope Animal Rescue at (515) 709-0284.


    • Madison Lage

      That is such an incredibly ignorant statement. Not a single person on this Earth is perfect, and even the most responsible pet owners have them get away sometimes. The dog was from a puppy mill as Kris and the article both mentioned, meaning it has had such little socialization that it could act in ways nobody could have ever predicted. Can you imagine going from a cage barely bigger than the size of your body, and only ever seeing other dogs and a few humans to suddenly seeing a multitude of humans and hearing noises you’ve never heard, then being poked and prodded s the new vet you’ve never seen before tries to evaluate your health? And then having to go back into another kennel, though much bigger, is still confining and scary. Now try being on the end that has to try to make that dog comfortable and okay with this new place, and try and convince the dog without being able to communicate with words that this is a much better place. Unless you’re willing to walk in the shoes of the foster family trying to help rehabilitate this poor dog, don’t judge them or make rude remarks about their ability to care for it.

      • Steve

        I didn’t take Mr. Hendrickson’s comment as rude, perhaps annoyed or frustrated. Your comment has valid points, but it’s a bit attacking. Closes minds. Sadly, the education is probably lost because of the presentation. Hope they dog is found safe soon!

  • Kris Bell

    Troy, do you know anything about puppy mill dogs and how horrible frightened they are? They are generally unsocialized and frightened by all the rough, uncaring handling and treatment for many years. This could happen to anyone when working with mill dogs so how about if you don’t jump on the criticism bandwagon and instead help by going out to help look for her if you live in the area?

    • Kris Bell

      And thank you to WHO-TV for covering this story. There are many people at this station who care deeply about animals and we appreciate your help!

    • Steve

      Your comment leaves one wondering if the rescue was prepared to rescue this type of a dog. Hope they find the dog and can provide safety for it.

  • Missy

    Please don’t be harsh with those who voice their concern that a mill dog went missing. For those who rescue mill dogs it will naturally prompt numerous questions and concerns about the organization who rescued them. A missing dog is a valid concern and brings forth if the rescue was truly qualified to rescue mill dogs. I don’t know if Hope is or not, so I will not pass judgement. The common bond is that most likely everyone’s concern is for the dog’s safe return right now.

    I do hope that once the crisis is over and the dog is found (hoping for a good outcome), that the organization does an internal review to prevent it from happening in the future.

    Shelters are supposed to be an animal’s safe place. It warrants concern by those with vast experience.

  • Nancy H.

    When accidents happen, there are always those “what if ” questions. Hind sight is 20/20 and lessons have been learned here and I am sure, will not be repeated. We are focusing on the task at hand and that is to bring this little girl home safe and sound. That is the point of the story –to put everyone on notice and watch for this dog. All eyes on deck! We need everyone’s help!

  • Nicole Thorngren

    Fostering a mill dog is one of the most selfless things one can do. You are opening your home to a dog that can very likely be sick, and is most definitely under socialized. They take a tremendous amount of patience, are afraid of loving human touch, sounds, fast movements. This is a large dog. This could have easily happened to anyone. Perhaps the dog got spooked during one of the storms? Please don’t pass judgement. Would you be willing to take one of these animals into your home and show it for the first time in it’s life what it’s like to actually be a dog? Show a big ole rottweiler how to go potty outside? I welcomed a mill dog into my home. It was late at night when the rescue got back from the auction & dropped him off. He was a yorkie. He smelled horrendous, and so I took him into my bathtub, and carefully washed him, knowing he hadnt had a vet check yet and i have my own dog at home. He was terrified… and he ended up having severe ringworm. How many people WANT ringworm in their house? I treated him for the ringworm, and I cared for him and kept him with me until the rescue had another place for him. Not many people can take on something as daunting as rehabilitating a dog that has spent it’s entire life in a cage. Be grateful there are some out there!

    • luv4dogs

      From personal experience fostering mill dogs, they do take a special kind of handling and patience. Though I have never had one get loose, I do realize that to a new foster accidents can happen. This unfortunately is not an accident, this is the 8th time this dog got loose in just a couple of days. I am all about second chances, but 8 times? It doesn’t make sense to me. That being said, I am not attacking the rescue by any means, and I think its great WHO brought this to air. I am only questioning on how this can happen 8 times, that’s all.

  • concerned

    This is all very alarming. This dog got loose not once, but twice. Once may be an accident, twice i am not sure. Mill dogs take extremely careful handling and people really need to be prepared and educated BEFORE they bring them home. And yes, many can predict exactly how they will behave. They are often times almost feral, fearful of people, and everything is new and scary for them. I am very afraid this dog will end up dead. And now an unmonitored trap is being set and left out all night? Apparently any attempt at educating is taken as criticism and not taken seriously. I hope the rescues involved will take note and learn from all of this.

    • luv4dogs

      Dog has not been found, according to Hope’s Facebook page, as of Thursday she was sighted at 128th and 37th in Grimes. They have not posted any more sightings, and who and how many are looking for her.

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