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The Insiders: New Iowa GOP Chair Jeff Kauffmann

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DES MOINES, Iowa - Channel 13's Dave Price talks to Jeff Kauffmann, the new chairman of Iowa's Republican Party. Kauffman makes his case for why his party's "family fights," as he calls them, don't mean that Republicans are divided. He also lays out his goal of raising $300,000 in his first three months as party chair.

That total would be a dramatic improvement from Danny Carroll, the man the state central committee just fired Saturday. As theiowarepublican.com's Kevin Hall points out, Kauffman's goal broken down per month would be about five times as much as Carroll raised.

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  • Praise the lord!!

    I cannot and will not support Iowas republican party again. Governor Branstad has turned his back on our Lord Jesus Christ by having Danny Carroll fired for political gain. One has to wonder if Danny Carroll got any hush money on his way out the door. Mr Kauffmann is nothing more than a used car salesman trying to sell us Christians a used Chevy Cruz with way to many miles ,bad air bags and a faulty ignition.
    Our party really is in a state of chaos and its the fault of our governor.

    • Slap me silly and call me Willie

      VanderPlatts and his cult are nothing but a disease spreading virus on the liberties of the majority of Iowans. Its time to awaken the sleeping giant that is most of Iowa to this hack and his cult.

  • liberty rising

    The Republican Party left me. I have worked for the republican party since 1980. No longer. Liberty doesn’t exist in the current republican party. Both parties are run by the same big business, as we live on a reservation nation and don’t even know it.

  • William Denison

    Will somebody find the pressure release valve on Jeff Kaufmanns neck and open it up before his head blows off.

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