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Rockwell City Car Lot Battered by Hail

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ROCKWELL CITY, Iowa - It's a tough business to own during a hail storm. $30,000 products and nowhere to put them as large hail fell from the sky.

“This is our award winner here for our biggest dent. This had to be hit by grape fruit sized hail. We will be replacing panels and glass. We had several vehicles with glass broken out,” said Joe Berger, the owner of Champion Chrysler in Rockwell City.

Nearly 100 vehicles were hit by hail ranging from pea size to grape fruit size at Champion Chrysler in Rockwell City.

Employees were able to get about a dozen vehicles that were ready to be sold into their maintenance garages, but everything else was exposed to the elements.

Throughout Rockwell City, homes were damaged as the hail tore through screens, broke windows, and put holes in roofs.

One woman on the west side of the town was one of the first to feel the effects. “At first, the hail wasn't big. Then the hail got bigger and bigger and it got so noisy I started to hope like heck none of it came through my windows,” said Theresa Hildreth, a Rockwell City resident.

Shattered car windshields and windows will be basic repairs but many of the hail damaged vehicles where the dents can’t simply be popped out will likely be sold at discounted prices.