Case Dropped Against Mitchellville Mayor

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MITCHELVILLE, Iowa – After a month long investigation, Mitchellville police say the town’s mayor, Jeremy Filbert, will not face criminal charges.

On June 2, someone from Mitchellville Elementary School called police to report inappropriate conduct between Filbert and children.

Police asked the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation to look into the case.

The DCI completed its investigation and sent the results to the Polk County Attorney’s Office who determined no criminal charges will be filed against Filbert.


  • Concerned resident

    Or is it citizens trying to keep their children safe and away from a person that was inappropriate by contacting them?

  • resident

    Though its always best to be on the safe side, especially when children are involved, it is pretty ridiculous that a person who has done nothing wrong and has been cleared of any wrongdoing is getting more attention than any of the people who actually do horrible things. This guy was nice to a child who was walking on gravel without shoes and got the child some sandals to wear so the child wouldn’t get hurt but he is being persecuted for it. My grandmother used to say ‘No good deed goes unpunished’ I guess she was right.

  • Everyone Else

    To the cackling hens in town – don’t be surprised when Karma bites back. You should be disgusted with yourselves.

    • concerned resident

      It’s sad people think the “cackling hens” are on some witch hunt. You can’t fabricate a story. If he just “bought shoes” for a child no case would have even gone to DCI. I can’t believe people still think his behavior was okay. He used poor judgment. Not the person who should represent the community.

      • Out of the Loop

        What exactly happened. Nothing in the paper says anything about what took place. Seems everyone knows but me.

  • parent of 3

    I understand this case has been closed. However his behavior is not appropriate. I am not on a witch hunt or a cackling hen but I am a mother. For everyone that thinks his behavior is ok I just want you to think about this, what if that was your daughter. Or your daughters friend. How would you feel then?

  • Life long resident

    For a person in that kind of position to even be accused of this shows what kind of an idiot they truly are. For anyone there age to send selfies to eleven year olds in my eyes are idiots. For anyone who is on this persons side is definitely an idiot. These people who get off of charges like these are the ones you see years down the road making horrible crimes to children. He has what is coming to him.

  • resident too

    It’s pretty sad there is namecalling involved here. Fact is, whatever allegations there were are not known by all, only that they were “unsubstantiated”. The case was dropped. Thats what we read. So to call those who arent aware of all specifics idiots for being “on his side” is clearly unfair. I for one will not judge, as i dont know the facts. All I can do is be aware of his tarnished reputation. Extremely unfair for him if there was in fact no wrongdoing. :/

    • Life long resident

      The fact is he admitted to doing these allegations but it’s not against the law for texting kids and the other allegations were also not against the law it’s more he’s creepy and sick and the laws need changed because these are the people that do dangerous crimes later on and for you to be a resident and be this clueless tells me how much you don’t care for the community

    • Concerned Resident

      The reason people are speaking out is because we ARE aware of some of the facts. The things he did were not criminal, but still NOT appropriate. That is why we feel so strongly to make other residents aware of what happened. So they know that just because he holds an elected position does not mean he is safe. I feel that our city needs to protect our elected officials and our residents by requiring background checks and making sure whether they are on official city business or on their own personal time they don’t put themselves in a position like Jeremy did. He went on these trips with girls willingly. He started a friendship with these girls so he could take them places. The only positive thing about the case is that the girls reported this before any criminal behavior could happen. My advice Resident Too is get informed of what is really happening here. His ‘tarnished’ reputation happened all on his own. By taking little girls on trips and texting them he caused the investigation to happen.He very easily could have talked to their parents about having them not send messages, or ignored them all together. Instead he responded to them. If there is anyone to blame it is him. And he still refuses to take responsibility for his actions. He also has not apologized to the other elected officials. Rumors started when it was first reported that other council members were to blame for this investigation. Jeremy did not step forward and admit it was him and did not apologize to them for putting their names through the mud. He refused a council members request for a meeting to discuss the matter. It’s very sad that our community has to put up with his lies and lack of judgment until the next election because he won’t step down. And why won’t he? Because he’s too worried about his future in politics to admit his wrongdoings.

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