Latest Crest Forecast, Road & Trail Closures

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des moines floodingJOHNSTON, Iowa – The latest crest forecast from the Army Corps of Engineers shows Saylorville Lake below danger zones.

The lake is forecast to crest on Sunday night at 881 feet above sea level. That gives officials three feet before they would have to make use of the crest gates. The spillway would be breached at 890 feet.

Downstream the Des Moines River at South East 6th has already crested and is dropping. The same is true of the Raccoon River at Fleur Drive.

Here are the latest road and trail closures as of Wednesday morning:

Road Closures

Birdland Drive from Saylor Road to 6thAvenue

Prospect Road from Hickman to Martin Luther King Parkway

George Flagg from SW 30thto Park Avenue

Trail Closures

Neal Smith Trail – Euclid Avenue to Saylor Road is closed

Trestle to Trestle Trail west of Euclid Avenue Bridge is closed

Principal River Walk – Principal Park to Center Street

Walnut Creek Trail – Center Street to Ashworth Pool

Des Moines River Trail – SE 6thto Hartford Avenue

Bill Riley Trail

Gay Lea Wilson Trail – Hubbell Avenue to Williams Street

Meredith Trail – Open as of 10:15 a.m.