Big Creek State Park Ready for Holiday Boaters

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big creek state parkPOLK CITY, Iowa – With flooding disrupting holiday plans around the state, one place that isn’t affected is Big Creek State Park in Polk City.

The lake was created as part of a project to protect Polk City from floods. It fluctuates two feet up or down but rarely sees major flooding.

The beach area is open and ready for swimmers and rentals are available for water related sports on the lake.

The owner of the marina, Mark Crawford, says they’ve received several calls from people thinking the lake is closed. However, he says there isn’t any debris or flooding, so the area is safe for visitors this holiday weekend.

“Everything is open, the beach is totally open with all the boat rentals, the water levels are normal so it`s great, it`s perfect,” Crawford said.

The lake and facilities throughout the park are open daily until 10:30 p.m.