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High Livestock Prices Raise Summer Picnic Costs

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American Farm Bureau Federation's annual picnic basket survey found double digit percentage increases on ground round and pork spare ribs this year.

The survey estimates the price of a summer picnic for 10 people, by checking retails prices at grocery stores in 25 states.

On average the cost is still under 6 dollars per person this year, just under 59 dollars in total. Thanks to record livestock prices, the price of the whole basket went up five percent year over year.

Ketchup, lemonade, and hot dogs fell in price, while cheese prices went up, along with ground round and pork spare ribs.

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  • gimmieabreak

    we pay a premium for beef in part because of misguided energy and farm policy. Under federal rules, oil refiners are required to blend a huge amount of ethanol into the nation’s gasoline supply. Most of that ethanol is being produced from corn that otherwise would be available for breakfast cereal, sweeteners and edible oils, as well as for animal feed.

    Nearly 40 percent of the U.S. corn crop is diverted to the gas tank, by government decree. Cattle, in particular, require large amounts of grain in their diets to grow from calves to market weight. Under pressure from high feed costs over the years, cattle producers who must compete for grain with ethanol makers have cut back their herds. With livestock supply down, and ranchers’ production costs so stubbornly high, you’ll pay more money to slap a steak on the grill.

    As if that isn’t bad enuff some motorists have been brainwashed via propaganda into believing 85% ethanol is actually beneficial.

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